January2016 · Wifey Wednesday

Wifey Wednesday – Loving Well

Wifey Wednesday

WOW! Another Wifey Wednesday! It doesn’t seem possible that we are already two Wifey Wednesday posts into the new year! Holy Moly! Onward and upward I say, but first…

Let’s Look Back For A Minute

As you know, last week I talked about the connection between the 25 New Year Resolutions and the 7 Things Couples Who Stay Together Do; I’d like to continue that theme for a bit longer.


I’m learning to let things go that are harmful to our marriage and am putting in place those things I want for our marriage.

My post last week really hit home with me. It opened my eyes to all I CAN DO to help grow our marriage and it showed me areas I need to be paying closer attention to.

It’s been fairly calm around our house lately, even in the midst of some pretty stressful stuff. I have to attribute that to all the learning going on through writing Wifey Wednesdays and getting all of the great feedback through comments here.


Making a Difference

It’s interesting the difference a bit of kindness, listening, laughter, and honest open communication can make.

Mr Right and I are both pigheaded uh hum, passionate about certain things and those things are typically where we butt heads. Not so much over the last week as we’ve begun putting different thought processes into place.

Are you finding this to be true for you too? Are you finding kindness and listening making a difference instead of bitterness and anger being the norm? Perhaps you’re listening more than your talking and it’s making a difference?

Today, I want to share with you something I found on eBay. It’s a little something but I think it’s going to make a BIG impact for all of us; I know it has for me.

I found this wall hanging and while I have not purchased it, I am beginning to utilize its message, which goes right along with the ‘lessons’ we learned last week.

We can never have too many tools within our reach, can we?

10 Ways to Love…



Amazing! Right? RIGHT! I thought so too!

Walking a Blessed Path

So many of the things we talked about last week walk hand-in-hand with these 10 principles of loving well. Not to mention we’re walking in the way God intended us to walk when we apply these principles in our marriage! GO US!!

I also realized these principles we’ve been learning work in ALL of my relationships! What? YES! I’ve been applying many of these principles to other relationships I’m in with my children, co-workers, etc.

Loving Well….it’s not just for marriages!! 🙂

I can easily forget how important it is to walk the path I’m supposed to walk as a wife, mom, sister, friend… especially when I’m walking outside of where I’m supposed to be. Am I alone here?

I’m truly blessed and I’d do well to focus on that more often.

Thanks for stopping in today. It is truly a blessing to share with you my journey to becoming the wife I was created to be!

What is something you do to love well?

Until we meet again,


10 thoughts on “Wifey Wednesday – Loving Well

  1. Love this post, so much truth here. 10 ways to love hits home, we’ve had a pretty stressful few weeks but sometimes seeing things written in black and white brings home what is truly important. Thanks for the timely reminders.


  2. I have to be honest, when I see your Wifey Wednesday posts I almost don’t click through to read them. After all, I’m single. But I love your blog and so I do click through. Your thoughts today, I feel are relevant to other relationships, specially my relationship with my son. I love the 10 ways to love. A nice reminder.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wendy, that makes perfect sense. I’m glad you clicked through. I would like to think the things I’m learning through this series can be applied to more than husband and wives. Relationships of all kinds can benefit from learning may of the tips I share. Thankful for your support. Hugs my friend!


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