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My One Minute Mind – Nothing Special

My One Minute Mind (3)

I’m nothing special. In fact, I’m pretty ordinary.

Mousy brown hair, a bit heavier than I should be, average in looks, I work, same routine on most days

Nothing special….

Then I heard something very special, not ordinary at all.

Most of the things we cherish in our lives are ordinary too.

That cookbook our granny gave to us which is full of recipes she made for us as a child

That love letter from our sweetie that made us fall in love all over again

That tea service we used during play time as a child.

Just ordinary things that have very important places in our hearts and lives.

They’re nothing special, in fact they’re just ordinary.

Here’s the thing…ordinary does not translate into not special.

As a matter of fact, sometimes the most ordinary things are what matter most in life.

How we approach our ordinary lives can make a HUGE difference in the lives of those around us and within ourselves.

We are each given something special from the moment we are born. Something we can offer the world regardless of our ordinary circumstances or how mundane we may feel things are in our lives.

Choosing to shine in ordinary places makes us pretty special indeed.

You are special even in all of the ordinary. You don’t have to change the world, you simply have to share who you are!

Letting our every day, ordinary lives reflect kindness, love, compassion, empathy, tenderness, laughter and more is something pretty out of the ordinary if you ask me.

Today, let your light shine through the ordinary things you do!

and that’s my one minute mind


2 thoughts on “My One Minute Mind – Nothing Special

  1. Lovely post. It’s all about finding beauty in the ordinary and as far as I’m concerned it’s all around us. We just have to open our eyes and choose to see it!


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