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My One Minute Mind

My One Minute Mind (3)

I have this nasty habit… I’m a smoker.

I don’t smoke in my house, that’s gross.

So when I want to do my nasty lil habit I step out my back door.

Today I noticed something that I’ve probably seen before but never gave much thought.

If I look to my left, just over the top of the fence, there’s a church way up on a hill; on top of this church is a steeple with a cross.

Even at night, that steeple and cross are lit up.

Smoking has been a struggle for me. I quite, I pick it back up; I quit, I pick it back up.

Today, that cross spoke to me. Somehow, it reminded me no matter where I am or what I’m doing I’m always at the foot of the cross.

I’m a Christian, but far from perfect.

Thankfully, I can take all of my imperfections to the foot of the cross and lay them at Jesus’ feet knowing he loves me unconditionally.

What a great reminder that steeple and cross are during a time when I’m doing something I struggle with on a regular basis.

There are things in life we struggle with. Whether that’s something we do over and over again or whether it’s something that’s a one time thing.

Thankfully, we aren’t expected to be perfect or even close to it.

Thankfully, we are loved just as we are, just where we are!

We are loved…unconditionally. We don’t have to be good enough or do enough, we simply have to accept it!

That’s my one minute mind


18 thoughts on “My One Minute Mind

  1. One minute mind. I can relate. Exercising the brain will help. I agree with Sarah….walk away from the ciggs. You life and health are more important. My husband struggled with that. I know its hard.


  2. Walk awaaaaay from the ciggies Robyn! 😉

    I have two stories for you. A wife served her husband cigarette soup for dinner and it put him off smoking forever. Haha. Good call, huh?! 😉 … EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) can be helpful. Attaching negative images/thought patterns with a habit you want to break can work too.

    One of my brothers died from 20 peripheral tumours around his lungs aged 31. He wasn’t even a smoker. It was an incurable, secondary cancer. My other brother, who’d been an occasional smoker till that point, gave up overnight.

    Sometimes we need a shock. Other times we’re able to consider in advance.

    Smoking is no doubt an incredibly difficult habit to break. Some people live long lives and get away with smoking throughout. Others aren’t so lucky. My next door neighbour passed from lung cancer (smoking related) in her 70’s.

    If I have a big change to make, I think about the consequences of dealing with a potentially related illness in the future. Prevention is so much easier than cure. Wishing you good health Robyn.


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