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Wifey Wednesday – New Year New Starts

I’m sort of in awe that 2015 is nearing its end. I look back over this last year and wonder how time can possibly go so fast. I look forward to continuing Wifey Wednesday in the new year!

Wifey Wednesday

This year our marriage has had quite few bumps, many good times, and lots of room left for growth.

The good news, it’s never too late to make things better or to learn some new ways of making our marriage better.

As I was strolling through Pinterest (looking for topics specific to New Years) I happened upon a post from Giustina over at Domestically Blissful.

I’m excited to share her list of 25 New Year’s Resolutions for married couples. I, for one, think I’m going to write it out, hang it up and check ’em off. Some I’m hoping to make a daily habit embedded so deep I don’t know how to not do them.


  1. Pray more.
  2. Don’t go to sleep angry or upset.
  3. Communicate thoroughly.
  4. Read a book series together.
  5. Eat more meals together.
  6. Have special date nights.
  7. Make an extra effort once a week to do something special in your spouses love language.
  8. Spend less time in front of your TV & more time doing something you both love that encourages bonding & creates memories.
  9. Cultivate a new hobby together.
  10. Start saving money for your dream vacation.
  11. Give more to your favorite charity.
  12. Give up one of your spouses pet peeves about you. Or let go of one of your pet peeves about your spouse. 
  13. Grow your individual relationship with Christ. When growing your individual relationship with Christ your marriage with naturally grow richer & stronger.
  14. Say two positive things to your spouse before saying any constructive criticism.
  15. Create a bucket list for your marriage & mark at least one thing off the list each year of your marriage.
  16. Start exercising together 30 minutes a day.
  17. Memorize Bible verses together.
  18. Snuggle for 10 minutes EVERY day, no excuses.
  19. Discuss your dreams at least once a month & how you can make them a reality together.
  20. Every anniversary (& half anniversary) read your vows to each other & recommit your love & devotion. Maybe even add something new when you enter a new stage of your life/marriage.
  21. Cook 2-3 meals/week together.
  22. Get involved in one of your spouses favorite activities or hobbies.
  23. Practice what you preach.
  24. Break bad habits together. Make a game out of it if need be, or have a special prize once you both break the habit.
  25. Only speak positively about your spouse to others, & respect the intimate parts of your relationship with your spouse by keeping them between the two of you. 


See you next year (that’s like next week 😉 )

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