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My One Minute Mind


my one minute mind

I, like many people, have been spending some time reflecting on the past 12 months and looking toward the next 12 to come.

It has been a year of ups and downs, happy and sad, joyful and tearful. I’ve stumbled and stood back up; I’ve succeeded and failed; I’ve dreamed and schemed.

Through it all I’ve discovered things about myself. Some things I like about me, some not so much.

I learned something important about me as I sat in church on Sunday and listened to my pastor speak of three chairs; a comfy cozy one, a simple but not so comfy one and an executive chair.

Each representing my walk with God. The comfy chair where I allow God to take the lead; the not so comfy chair where I try to make God a co-pilot; the executive chair where I think I know how to run my life and do not rely on God.

I discovered I’m sitting in the chair in the middle. I’m here, sitting in that chair, looking to the big comfy chair where I surrender all I am to the One who knows. The One I can cast all my cares on. Who has the plan if only I’ll be still and listen.

It’s not a resolution I make but desire for peace and rest. A rest I can only find in the arms of my God. Placing Him first and allowing His plan to unfold in my life.

It doesn’t mean things won’t get rough or that ups and downs won’t come; it simply means I can find peace that passes all understanding and rest. All while knowing I am never alone.



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