December · Wifey Wednesday

Wifey Wednesday: Round-Up

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Ah, Wednesday, Hump day, and Wifey Wednesday! Can’t beat that, right?

I’m glad you’ve stopped by. If you’re a regular today’s the day you get to save that favorite post; If you’re new here then today is your lucky day because it’s round-up day and you can get all caught up!

I usually round-up after ten Wifey Wednesday posts, but I just kept finding things to write about and to share with you (gee go figure…me finding things to share with you)

Read them all or check out the ones that catch your eye, either way…ENJOY!

Let’s get to it then since it’s gonna be a biggy. So far during Wifey Wednesdays we’ve discovered…

Creating a Family

Lets be Real

The Funny Truth About Marriage

15 Marriage Strengthening Tips

Say a Little Prayer

15 Wonderful Wifey Ways

Being a Grown Up is Overrated, Go Play

Lets Agree to Disagree

Waging War

5 Lessons Life Taught This Week

8 Steps to Speak His Language

Until we meet again,


What has been your favorite Wifey Wednesday post so far?



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