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My One Minute Mind

My One Minute Mind (2)

With ever day that passes, the excitement grows.

The anticipation is almost overwhelming and I’m struggling to contain it.

I can’t seem to sit still; my mind roams in a thousand different directions; my heart swells to almost overflowing with the sights, the sounds, the smells.


Oh sure, it feels crazy and we can get lost in the craziness. Lost in the never ending barrage of TV commercials, ringing of bells, running here and there to find just the right gift, and yet…

And yet, somewhere among all the madness there’s a little something that continues to tug on our heart strings.


Do you hear it?

It’s the whisper of what is to come. What has come. What is yet to be.

This time of year the hustle and bustle can shuffle us into getting caught up in our heads. I know it happens to me. My mind pushes me towards all I need to do, gifts I need to buy, places I need to get to and so much more, and yet…

And yet, my heart hears the whisper.

The whisper of hope.


Not in what Christmas has become but in the hope of who.

Not in where I need to be, what I need to do, what I want to give.

No, a hope in a gift so long ago.

A gift like no other.

A gift that tells me I am free. I am forgiven. I am loved.




Do you hear it?

It’s the coming of the Messiah….he’s waiting for you






8 thoughts on “My One Minute Mind

  1. I finally came to a place where I could separate the commercialism from the true meaning. Now they go hand in hand, to a degree, what with Santa Claus obligations and such… But, I really get your meaning. You are on a good path.


  2. Even though I am not really religious, your writing touches emotions^^…I guess for me Christmas is simply all about family and love, a reason to spent time with our loved ones and just forget our daily struggles for a short time…I celebrate Christmas maybe for other reasons, but the message never changes…it’s a time of peace and love (well at least that is what it should be)..thanks for the post =)


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