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Wifey Wednesday – Creating a Family

Wifey Wednesday

I know several Wifey Wednesday posts ago I mentioned we needed to do a round-up, but I just keep finding new and exciting things to share with you. I will get that round-up done soon, promise.

This week’s wifey lesson comes from Kristine over at Mother’s Niche

You can find the pin for this week’s topic on my Relationship board HERE

Mr. Right and I will be married 3 years December 30th. We are still working on figuring all of this out. You would think having been in this rodeo before we would have a clue; I’m here to tell you second times, third times or whatever times doesn’t make a bit of difference.

Newly married is newly married regardless if this is your first, second, third or…

Any who, one of the things we’ve been working on and talking about here as of late, family traditions.

Blending two people together is difficult, but blending two entire families and their traditions is a monstrous undertaking (especially when one of those families was 8 years on their own…uh hum..that’s a long time for traditions to become embedded)

We each bring our own traditions and ideas, thus, finding ways to make our own has been somewhat of a challenge.

So, in my typical fashion, I went in search of what others do as couples when it comes to Christmas traditions.

There are a lot of different things I think we could do.

One idea we’ve tossed around was going to a Christmas Eve Candle Light Service as a family. I’ve been before, Mr Right has been before but we’ve never been as a family.

I think it would be a great tradition for us to start, don’t you? I’ve even went so far as to imagine all of our kids grown with families of their own coming for the Christmas Eve service because that’s what we do!

I’m learning the importance of having and creating our own traditions, ones that are brand new to us as a couple and as a family. I think it’s vital for us to create our family in new ways, while not losing sight of where we came from.

Bringing along some of our old traditions is okay too, but for me new traditions help us feel more like a family unit. New traditions help make us, as a couple, a solid foundation on which to build our new family.

What traditions do you do as a family and as a couple at Christmas time?

Here are a few ideas geared toward couples from Mother’s Niche

  • Ornaments: I know a family that does this and I LOVE it. This can be a tradition just for the two of you, or you can make it a family tradition. Each year, before you go to bed on on Christmas Eve, you give each other an ornament that represents a favorite memory together that year. It could represent a vacation, something funny, or something meaningful. Another way to do this is to take turns buying the ornament each year. After several years of doing this, you will have a tree full of memories, and you can have fun remembering them all as you pull them out each year.
  • TRACK SANTA. Each year, track Santa on NORAD for fun, and each year, choose a country of origin. When Santa hits that particular place, enjoy a treat or food that comes from that specific place. For instance, one Christmas Eve you could choose “Italy” and when Santa is in Italy, enjoy a pizza together.
  • Letters: Rather than ornaments, enjoy a festive treat just for the two of you (hot cocoa, sparkling cider, eggnog, etc.) and exchange letters expressing your favorite memory from that year. If you want to get creative, you can give each year a theme (funniest memory, most meaningful, funniest parenting moment, most admirable moment, etc.).
  • Movie in Bed. This is the last official night for Christmas movies, so enjoy one together just the two of you before you drift off. Don’t have a TV in your room? Snuggle together with your phone, iPad or laptop andwatch a movie on Amazon. Have a special toast for the new year.
  • Kitchen Festivities. Some couples really enjoy baking together (not me). A night of memories involves NOT being in the kitchen; however, I know of several friends that have special that involve making some type of food on the night before Christmas. One of my friends makes doughnuts with her husband every Christmas Eve, and another couple I know gets in their Christmas pajamas and eats chinese food together. Find a food that would be fitting for the two of you, and enjoy it (or make it) together every year as a tradition.
  • Lights. This one isn’t what you think. Rather than driving around and looking at lights, make your Christmas Eve “bedroom activity”  a “lights” theme every year! Be creative. Some years maybe you decorate your bedroom in lights, other years maybe you light up your “bed attire“, or maybe you have some fun with glow-in-the-dark body paint or other sexy glow-in-the-dark items :)
  • Predictions. This is similar to the first two traditions, but rather than reflecting on the previous year, you make predictions for the year to come. Write down where you see yourselves exactly one year from now, and tuck the predictions away until the next year. This could be funny situations you see your partner getting him or herself into, promotions you can see happening, silly things you can imagine you will fight about, or funny things your children will most likely do. This is a fun one to do with some sparkling cider!
  • Pajama Swap. Be in charge of what the other person is wearing to bed on Christmas Eve. This could end up being completely hilarious, fun, sexy, or all of the above. Watch Zulily the weeks and months leading up to Christmas. Not only do they do lots of regular Christmas pajama sales, they also feature varioius lingerie for a good price. If you already have a Zulily account, you can check here, if you don’t have an account, sign up here (it’s free).

7 thoughts on “Wifey Wednesday – Creating a Family

  1. Oh my goodness – I am SO the wrong person to comment here! I don’t like Christmas any more. I think our main tradition, as a couple in total agreement that Christmas is just a massive brainwashing spend-fest, is that we start to ignore Chrismas in August when the first signs appear. We keep this up until Christmas Day when we have a nice dinner with whoever is here on the day. I buy presents for the the grandchildren online. No cards get sent now, no decorations get put up – I think it’s all bonkers because it’s all about money. Too many people face Christmas alone and I spend all day feeling sick inside because I know they are out their somewhere feeling like no one cares. Christmas just magnifies life circumstances – so if you have friends and family, it’s great, but for those who have nothing and no one – it is a bitterly lonely time of year. I bet you are glad you asked!!!!! 🙂 won’t be offended if you don’t approve this!!!! It sounds a bit grinchy! 😀


    1. Gilly, I’m sorry Christmas has become this for you. I too think we have turned Christmas into somewhat of a commercial nightmare. I spent many a Christmas alone wondering what in the world the point was and how to survive that retched time all while others were holly jolly and merry. The world is a different place and the true meaning has certainly been lost in all of the materialistic nonsense. Your thoughts and opinions are ALWAYS welcome here…grinchy or not! 🙂 My prayer for you is that the love I know is in your heart continues to grow and be shown to all those who suffer through this time of year! You are an amazing person and I’m thankful for your honesty and genuine heartfelt response. THIS is the type of things we writers seek as we peck away at our keyboards. There are no right or wrong comments on my blog (OK well maybe the spammy ones)! Thank you for sharing your heart with me; I’m honored that you trusted me enough and felt safe enough to do so! Xx


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