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Random Acts of Kindness – A Special Kind of Kindness

Sometimes, the best things happen unexpectedly. Today’s post is just such a thing.

This week, I received an email from a blogger about World Kindness Day and how she had created something very exciting for this day.

As I read the email, visited the site, learned a little bit about Shari’s Berries, and played around on the site, I was ecstatic about sharing it here with all of you!

You’re going to love this! That’s a promise.

Opportunities for kindness are all around us, but it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives and take things for granted. World Kindness Day, is a reminder for us to count our blessings, and do something nice for someone else.

To help you get inspired and motivated for World Kindness Day, Shari’s Berries has come up with some ideas on how to help others and created a Random Acts of Kindness Generator. Simply choose a category, and the generator provides a meaningful act you can do for someone. There’s over fifty different ideas, so challenge yourself to go beyond World Kindness Day and perform random acts of kindness all month long.
I want to tell you, when I went to the site and started playing with the generator it was almost addictive. Clicking through all of the ideas really gets you thinking!
I encourage you to visit Shari’s Berries and to use this generator!! Simply click on the photo and you will transported to this wonderful generator!
Generator overview
Till we meet again,

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