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The Blogger Daily: Missing Link Discovered Hidden Among Comments

Blogging is a networking, socializing, find a community, get yourself out there sort of profession.

Without the networking and socializing we would simply be keeping cyberspace journals that may or may not be seen.

Are we missing something in all of our networking, socializing, community building, and getting ourselves out there blogging?

I think we might be.

This thought process caught my by complete surprise as I was taking care of some socialization/connecting via commenting on my blog-friend’s posts.

Let me set this up for you:

I follow many blogs on various platforms: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, Tumblr, you name it, I’m probably on there following every word some blogger writes.

Now, I like when my posts are read, liked, and shared, but even better than that, I REALLY like it when my posts get comments.

To read what others think about what I wrote, how it changed them or affected them, that’s the bomb diggity for me.

It’s for that exact reason I comment on the blogs I follow. I imagine the blog’s author enjoys hearing from their readers as much as I do.

This just in:

Blogger Daily News- Missing Link Discovered

So, I go to a blog I follow, I read the content, and I comment. I’ve also been known to see a blog, think it looks interesting, read a post there and comment whether I follow that blog or not.

 It’s in the commenting that I think we are missing an important piece of the whole networking and socializing part of blogging.

I don’t know about you, but when I am ready to comment, I grab that nifty little down arrow and scroll to the bottom of the post as fast as I can to where the fill-in-the-blank box for comments resides.

I fill out my name, my email, my URL, write my comment (hopefully with some thought) and then I click the ‘post comment’ button. DONE!



  What would happen if I didn’t just comment on the post I’m reading, but I also commented on comments from others?

WHAT? That’s crazy!!

Is it?

I’m thinking not so much.

Think about it for a minute. If I’m leaving a comment on a post, I’m only networking or socializing with that one person – the blogger

BUT if I slowly scroll through the other comments and comment on a comment then I am making myself known to another person. If I comment on two comments, then I am making myself known to THREE people: the original blogger and two others who have also commented on that post.

A person could become known to hundreds, HECK, thousands of other bloggers and people simply by commenting on comments.

Lets not forget, every time you post a comment on a blog, your lovely mug shot sits right there next to it and more often than not so does that latest post YOU wrote. 

Am I crazy here or does this sound like a great way to make you and your blog more widely known?!

♥ R

Do you comment on other comments or just the original post?

Inquiring minds want to know!

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