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Getting to Know Nicole


Hi Ya! Things are rolling right along as we get to know others a bit better through the power of sharing.

I’m so thankful you’ve joined us on this journey of discovery. Aren’t friendships such a blessing?

This week we’re getting to know Nicole from (just like the pomegranate, it isn’t always about what’s on the outside is it?). You can find her blog here. That’s what we’re going to discover from Nicole, who is an interior designer….(ahhh now the whole what’s on the outside comment makes sense doesn’t it? 🙂 )

I ‘met’ Nicole through a mutual Facebook group (I know, I say that every time, but HEY if it works go for it). She is fantastic at what she does and I always, always want to purchase everything she highlights on her blog. Oh how I wish money were no object!

nicole  Nicole lives in Surrey just outside London.

She’s an interior designer and online retailer of home accessories.

She loves good quality handcrafted things, travel, watching a good movie and reading a good book.

She’s not married and doesn’t have kids but is

She blogs for her business and really enjoys writing and sharing stories of brands, artists and designers with her readers.

Not too long ago her business hit a milestone and I want to share that with you today!

Welcome Nicole and thanks for helping us on our journey of #Getting2KnowU



It’s the 17th October 2015 which means I have some pretty big news to share with you! TodayPomegranate Living celebrates its THIRD birthday :)

I know everyone says this, but I just cannot get over how quickly time flies and can’t believe it’s been three years since my small business went live. It truly seems like yesterday that I was knee-deep in planning calendars, product samples, branding vision boards and website designs.

And what an adventure the last three years has been! I’ve really loved starting and running my own business. It’s so satisfying to know that every goal ticked off and every nice customer testimonial is the result of the effort, energy and passion I put into my business.

So, what’s the single most important thing I’ve learnt in the last three years? Honestly? Shall I come clean? Ok, it’s probably how much I didn’t quite know about starting, running and most importantly marketing your own business.

Now, I wasn’t exactly a novice. I actually have quite a bit of experience, as an interior designer and a retail buyer and I’ve worked on some pretty large projects in my capacity as both. Added to that, I’m a keen learner with an inquiring and absorbing mind, a good and thorough researcher and a calculated risk-taker (I believe every business owner has to be the latter). And I was under no illusion that this adventure would be a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon. I expected an upward learning curve. But I don’t think anyone could have prepared me for the sheer steepness of it.

If I had to pick one thing to put at the top of that curve, it would be having a better understanding about successfully marketing an online retail business – online (if you know what I mean). I wish I’d known more about online marketing before I started my business.

But I have learnt a great deal over the last three years! I’ve had to come to grips with rather techy stuff like SEO (search engine optimisation), Google AdWords, keyword research, remarketing and quality scores. And I’ve spent ages building a social media presence, understanding and using Facebook ads, email marketing as well as increasing my online engagement.

My favourite online marketing tool by far though has to be this blog. I’d never blogged before starting my business. In fact, I’d never even read a blog. But I’ve learnt that, for a small business owner, writing and developing a blog is one of the most powerful marketing tools we have at our disposal.

It’s also incredibly enjoyable. It took a little while to build up, to find my blogging ‘voice’, to hone in on exactly what I want to write about and who my readers are. But I’ve loved it and have been pleasantly surprised to find I actually really enjoy writing! It’s not only a creative outlet, but as a marketing tool, it really works.

So as I celebrate Pomegranate Living’s third birthday today (maybe even with a piece of cake!), I’d like to invite you to visit three past blog posts which I’ve either particularly enjoyed writing or that have been popular. Here they are:

The Pomegranate Blog Goes LiveMy very first post in which I tell the story behind the name (hint: the photo above is of a pomegranate flower)

Lots of Creative Ways to Display Your FlowersSuch a fun post to prepare, photograph and write. 

Brand Profile: ZenzaThis is such a great brand and I felt inspired telling their story.

Finally,  I’d like to extend a very big thank you to everyone who has supported me during the last three years. You are many but in particular my family whose belief and support has been inexhaustible; my lovely customers who have trusted me and given Pomegranate their invaluable business; and you, engaged readers of the Pomegranate Living blog for your loyalty, engagement, comments and encouragement.

Thank you so much. Now here’s to the next three years! I’m off for that piece of cake now!

’till next time…x

Photo by Nicole Antar 

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me and Pomegranate on your blog! This series is very cool and it’s nice to get a bit more insight into others. Thank you for your very kind words of introduction x


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