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My One Minute Mind

my one minute mind

There are times I chose the wrong things.

More importantly, there are times I chose the wrong attitude.

Ever noticed when you start complaining it’s like a small snowball?

I can start out complaining about the smallest of things and BAM! before I know it, the whole day has been spent complaining about one thing or another.

Suddenly, that little snowball has rolled down hill and has become one of the biggest snowballs I have ever seen. I no longer control it; it controls me.

Attitude is much the same.

When that ol’ alarm goes off in the morning, I have two choices…just two.

I can choose happy and content or I can choose grumpy and discontent.

They are a choice make no mistake. Both can affect your attitude, mood, interactions, decisions, health, sleep, heck they can affect everything about and along your entire day.

The choice is always ours. Always.

What I choose to make of each day is always my choice regardless of what may be going on; regardless of who may cross my path; regardless of circumstance; regardless of other’s attitudes; I am the one who chooses.

Interesting lil fact I discovered this week.

My attitude affects what’s going on, who crosses my path, circumstances, other’s attitudes.

Attitude is contagious!! IT IS CONTAGIOUS!

Don’t believe me, run your own experiment. Be aware of your attitude as soon as you wake up in the morning and then watch how it affects EVERYTHING!


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