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The Blogger and the Gem

I don’t normally do this, but today, it just made sense.

I want to tell you a little story (yes, I promise it is little)

The Blogger and Her Gem!

Once upon a time… (all great stories start that way 🙂 ) there was a girl, well a woman really, and she had a dream. A dream to write. She loved the English language, heck she loved all languages even if she could only read, write, and speak in one.

Well, as this woman grew older and what she liked to think wiser, she realized there was only one thing stopping her from fulfilling her dream of writing and that was herself.

She decided it wasn’t worth it to not reach out and take a chance, so she did a little research and decided to start a blog. (Hey! This is a 21st century story! You were expecting her to want to find prince charming? Bwuahahaha…. she had already fulfilled THAT dream! duuuuhhh!)

As she began her journey of writing, she was discouraged and distraught with worry and fear. Who would want to read what she had to write about? What did she know about blogging? What was she thinking? She had No idea!

Then, one day, as she was strolling through the worn out, she’d seen them a hundred times posts, on her social media, she discovered a gem!

Not just any gem, but a blogging gem! It was more precious than gold. It created in her a spark, a desire, a bigger and better dream. A dream beyond simply writing a blog. This blogging gem created a sense of purpose, a purpose renewed. A sense of worth!

She had finally found her way as she started working with this gem and working under its shining example.

As she continued on, her writing improved, she forged friendships that she would cherish for life, and she gained wonderful wisdom and knowledge from this wonderful blogging gem she had discovered.

Not the End but only the beginning!!

I am the girl, woman in this story (sure you didn’t figure that one out, huh?😉 )

The gem I discovered?

Well, that would be Sarah Arrow, her hubby Kevin and Sark eMedia!

There are no words to fully describe how they have changed me and my life! No, I don’t make money blogging, but I will. No, I’m not a world renowned writer, but I will be!

These two people have created in me a confidence and passion that can’t be slowed down!

Why am I writing this to you now, well that’s an interesting story in and of itself.

Let’s just suffice it to say, today is National Love Your Red Hair Day here in the states and as soon as I read that….. Kevin and Sarah….POPPED RIGHT INTO MY MIND! (hmmm….wonder why that was? *she says with a hint of sarcasm…tee hee hee)


Thank you Kev and Sarah for changing my writing, changing my thoughts, changing my ability, and changing my blog!! ♥ U both!

14 thoughts on “The Blogger and the Gem

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  2. It’s quite an achievement to start and continue blogging. Those of us that have got this far are stars (if only in our own little sky! 🙂 Sarah and Kevin sound as if they have been a big help, which is something none of us can by without. I have found some amazing people to learn from in my blogging journey and am grateful for their help. And by the way red heads rock! I am a ‘strawberry blonde’ and as far as I know, we don’t have a celebration day here in the UK – but they may be one I guess. Every day is ginger bashing day here though!!!!!!!!


  3. Wow what a lovely post! I fully agree that Sarah and Kevin Arrow are gems who help bloggers become more than who they are!! They make you feel better about yourself and your blog. On top of that we have all built friendships with each other that will last! Also I love your blog and know you can do all those things that you want to do. Before you know it, you will be the one who has done it all!!
    ( sorry for long comment 😊 )

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    1. Anna your kindness warms my heart. You could comment and it be a novelette and it wouldn’t matter to me. Your point of view and opinions, life experience are invaluable here and to me. Thank you for being who you are and for being such a valuable partner in my blogging journey!!

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