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Wifey Wednesday – Say a Little Prayer

Wifey Wednesday

Hello! I’m so glad you’ve stopped in for another Wifey Wednesday.

I’m a bit tired as I write today. Things between Mr. Right and I have been a bit tense to say the least.

That’s why today’s pin from Jennifer Smith at The Unveiled Wife is the perfect topic for this Wifey Wednesday.

say a little prayer

I have quite a few pins on my Relationship board from the Unveiled Wife. There are many relevant topics over there for us wives. I discovered Jennifer’s Prayer of the Day posts several months ago and it is through that page on her blog that I bring today’s topic about.

I’ve told you before how I pray for Mr. Right daily, even if it’s just a short simple prayer.

There are times though when I’m so frustrated or emotionally drained that I can’t even think, let alone find a prayer.

Well, Jennifer solved that problem.

On her prayer page she posts a prayer daily that you and I can pray for our marriages.

I can tell you, it’s so comforting to go to her page, find a prayer, pray it, and then not feel so alone in the things I face in my marriage.

The prayers are heart felt and usually embed themselves on my heart. 

Which usually leads to me thinking, which tends to lead to a renewal of my passion for my marriage, no matter how strained it is in the moment!

The prayer I’m giving you today is about renewal and I hope you find that through this prayer.

Each day is a new start; Each day His mercy and grace are available. Oh I’m thankful for that! So, so thankful!

marriage prayer

I would love for you to share this prayer and all the prayers The Unveiled Wife posts. 
Thank you so much for your continued reading and sharing of my Wifey Wednesdays!!

♥ R

9 thoughts on “Wifey Wednesday – Say a Little Prayer

  1. Prayer is brilliant and I appreciate that it is helping you through what sounds like a difficult time. I feel a bit concerned that you describe feeling emotionally drained and I hope you are also talking about It and taking care of your own well-being in other ways too. I don’t think God would want you to struggle alone – that is why he gave us friends. Hope you are ok.


    1. Thank you for your concern Gilly. I’m doing well, just been one of those weeks for our relationship. I am taking care of myself and knowing I have others who care makes it all the more easy to do so! Xx my friend


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