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Wifey Wednesday – Being a Grown-Up is Overrated, Go Play

Wifey WednesdayWelcome back to another Wifey Wednesday! I’m so glad you stopped in today because there’s some great stuff coming your way!

As I looked through my Relationship board over at Pinterest, I discovered something amazing!

I’m hooked on pins that give me great ideas  for having a great time with my Mr. Right.

This started my whole thought that being a grown-up isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

I know for us it’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday of the every day that we forget to have fun.


Isn’t that an interesting quote?

I have to imagine there’s some merit to it, as I think about my own relationship.

I also have to imagine the old saying – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – would also be true and have some merit when it comes to marriages. Oh you could add anyone’s name in place of Jack and it would still hold true.

Go Play

Mr Right and I have been doing much better at making time to do things beyond the everyday.

We’ve designated one night a week just for US! No work, no kids, no bills, or laundry. Just the two of us doing something fun together.

So far we’ve been to dinner and a movie (thank God for $5 night at the theater), been to a corn maze, had dinner and a Redbox movie night in (have you seen 5 Flights Up or St Vincent?), and explored a new park in our area.

We’re on our way to more play!

Now, back to my being hooked on pins that give me things to do with Mr Right.

Today’s post is a reference of sorts.

You’re going to find TWENTY resources with literally 100’s of things to do with your spouse.

Click on the pics and be transported into a world of things to do together!


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