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Getting 2 Know U – A New “Feature” at Just Bits and Pieces

Howdy! Today is going to be a fun day here at Just Bits and Pieces as I share some reeaaallly good stuff with you!

Think back to this past week; on Thursday the 15th, I shared a post with you about National Get To Know Your Customers Day ( I know I can’t remember what I had for breakfast and I’m asking you to remember all the way back to last Thursday! Good thing I added the link so you could go back in time 😉 )

Well, from that post I got to ‘know‘ several of my customers, AKA my readers! So much fun!! Love learning about everyone who visits and might I say you are a great looking bunch of folks!!

Any who, I thought what a great time and way to get their blogs (yes they are all bloggers, imagine that 🙂 ) some extra exposure. Great idea, right? RIGHT!!


So as of today I am implementing Getting 2 Know U Tuesdays! #Getting2KnowU

Here’s how this works.

  1. Share a little about yourself on my Getting to Know You Post or shoot me an email with your information.
  2. Be sure to include the URL of your site if you have one
  3. I’ll feature your blog on Tuesdays.
  4. If you would like prior notice of your Tuesday, be sure to include your email address so I can shoot you an email with your feature date
  5. On your feature day, I will post the first post I find on your blog
  6. Once you’re featured, please share it using  #Getting2knowU

That’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

I’m super pumped about this!! I know it’s going to be jammed packed with some really good blogging content!!

Looking forward to next Tuesday’s feature!!

Till next time,


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