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My One Minute Mind

my one minute mind

Does part-time parenting bring out the selfishness in us?

Our family unit has become a bit isolated.

We do many things together and rarely do things with others.

There are many facets to our family which can inhibit us from having friend time, social time, card nights, bowling nights, or whatever it is we are seeking.

Perhaps it comes down to figuring out what it is we seek.

Perhaps it is about finding others who are like minded, similar in family dynamic, and parenting.

One thing I’ve been pondering, have I become selfish with my time?

When one becomes a part-time parent, I believe there’s a selfishness that invades our very soul.

We become less willing to give up our time with our children when we have them.

I know there are times when I’m less willing to spend time with others whether my children are involved in the socializing or not.

I want to spend every waking moment I have, with them.

I don’t believe I’ve become selfish consciously, I think it’s been a sub-conscience progression.

Now that I’m in this place I’m wondering how I get out of it. How I get us out of it.

Where do I seek others to do things with? Where do I find others who are like my family? Is this a priority for me? Is our current situation a detriment to my children, my marriage, myself?

Part-time parenting is challenging from every angle. The changes it straps to us can make us feel half crazy at times. I know there are times when I do, feel crazy that is.

Perhaps it’s time to evaluate where we are, where we want to be, and what or who is going to get us there.

Having been selfish for so long, is it too late?

And that’s my one minute mind

Family in Hands

5 thoughts on “My One Minute Mind

  1. I don’t know your situation or how old your children are but maybe it isn’t selfishness to want all the time you have with them, for yourself. Maybe it is just making the most of their childhood years? My children are grown and have children of their own; my biggest regret is not spending more time with them in the 12 – 18 years period. Just when boys seem really independent and ‘anti-parents’ is when they need us the most. Really like your One Minute Mind approach.


  2. I’m not a parent so I don’t have much insight into this question but I do think that it’s never too late for anything.


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