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Wifey Wednesday – Waging War

We are back on track this week with a post from my Relationship board on Pinterest. (clapping hands and feeling excited)

This week’s topic comes from Jenniferowhite.com and we’re talking war.

Today's Topic- Waging War (5)

It’s okay, I’m not calling the President or sending the troops anywhere.

I’m talking a different kind of war.

Let me explain

Date night this week included dinner and a movie.

Have you heard of the movie War Room?

Let me tell you, it’s well worth the money to go see on the big screen.

It’s a movie with a simple message and one that I want to start applying to my marriage.

Marriage – an institution of many things: love, joy, sorrow, conflict, discontent, anger, bitterness, happiness, comfort, and so many other things. 

Most marriages have difficulties; the good news, divorce rates are in a downward trend.

I wonder why that is. I’m glad, but I wonder.

After seeing War Room, I wonder even more if there is a movement going on that many of us aren’t aware of.

War Room is about a married couple going through some pretty big struggles (gee, I can’t imagine that, she says dripping with sarcasm)

The couple has become numb to one another, intolerant and it’s affecting every area of their lives.

Then the wife meets Miss Clara, who introduces her to a concept many of us could probably use, the power of prayer and letting God fight for your marriage.

One of my favorite lines from the movie:

Submission is learning to duck so God can hit your husband (Mandy, War Room, 2015)

Oooooohhh! I keep forgetting to get out of the way, duck so God can take care of things

There are times I fight so hard for the things I want our marriage to be.

Times when I let my anger get the best of me because needs aren’t being met

Times when there’s so much going on I don’t have to time to go to the bathroom, let alone pray.

But you apparently have time to fight losing battles with your husband? (Miss Clara,War Room, 2015)

Times when I complain and whine that things are so bad.

How much of the one hour we have today are we going to spend whining about your husband or learning what God can do about it? (Miss Clara, War Room, 2015)

Then the line that caught my attention came along and changed me all up in my thinking, or at least it got me thinking.

So many times I forget I can’t change my husband, it isn’t within my bag of tricks

It’s your job to love him, to respect him, to pray for the man, [not to fix him]. (Miss Clara, War Room, 2015)

Uh Oh! Someone’s been peeking in my windows. I’ve been fighting to fix him, not much more

That’s when it happened. I realized it was time to wage a war!! A Prayer War for my marriage!!

Waging War Through Prayer

Now I don’t have a war room but I sure do have a war notebook!

I’m taking my struggles in my marriage to God in prayer.

Pray and ask God to do what only He can do and then get out of the way so He can do it. (Miss Clara, War Room, 2015)

Life is hard; Marriage is hard; Letting go is hard, but fighting and losing is the hardest of all.

I’m learning to PRAY, DUCK, and GET THE HECK OUT OF GOD’S WAY!

I don’t always know what to pray, but I’m learning.

I want to change; I want my marriage to be better, stronger, more than it is in this moment.

I don’t always know what to pray, but God knows my heart and He listens even when I fumble and stumble in pray.

I challenge you to wage your own war for your marriage. Create a War Room or Notebook, or whatever method works for you and begin letting the power of prayer bring God into the fight for you and your marriage.

Don’t know where to start in waging a prayer war?

Here are some great prayers to start with from Jennifer over at jenniferowhite.com

Your Relationship with God

Your Mind

Your Heart

Your Influence

His Relationship with God

His Thoughts

His Character and Will

Your Communication

Your Unity

Additional Prayers and Resources

You can add to your war room daily with Marriage Armor for the Praying Bride– an email subscription offering you one-sentence Scripture-based prayers for your marriage.


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