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Being a Wife is Hard – 5 Lessons Life Taught This Week

Wifey Wednesday

Let’s face it, being a wife is hard work (yes, we hear you hubbies, your job is tough too and we know it)

I don’t have a pin on Pinterest for today’s topic. None the less today’s topic fits right in with all of my Relationship pins; matter of fact, it probably is a topic and a reason all of those pins exist anyway.

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There were events that took place over the last week which set so many things right in my head and more importantly in my heart.

Granted I don’t know that I let myself deal with them in a successful manner, but each day is a new opportunity and another chance.

On Tuesday past, at 12:25 am I was in a sound sleep. My phone startled me awake and on the other end of that phone was my Mr. Right.

He was having chest pains, shortness of breath, profuse sweating and having trouble speaking. He was being transported by emergency to the hospital with a possible heart attack.

My heart almost stopped.

Now I was breathing heavy; my heart was beating so fast, and I couldn’t get my head to think straight.

How could this be happening? Why was this happening?

So many things ran through my mind. There was no way to keep them all straight.

I don’t mind sharing, I was scared to death.

Please God, please don’t let it be serious, I prayed.

I threw on some clothes, gathered Mr Rights medicine, insurance info, packed myself into the car, called my mama, picked her up and drove the 25 minutes as safely as I could to the hospital where they were taking him.

It’s interesting but as I walked through those hospital doors to the emergency room, I transformed.

I knew Mr Right was going to need me to be able to function, to tell the nurses and doctors what they needed to know, to be the voice of reason, just in case HE couldn’t be or do those things.

And I transformed into this calm, cool, collected WIFE. My man needed me.

Looking back, it wasn’t me at all who transformed me, but the Spirit of God I carry within myself; The Spirit that gives me a spirit of love and not fear; The Spirit who makes all things possible…ALL THINGS.

My mind cleared, my heart rate slowed, and suddenly I could think…perhaps more clearly than I ever have during the course of our marriage.

You see, all the little things that annoy me, didn’t matter any more.

All the things Mr Right and I disagree about on a regular basis, didn’t mean anything any more.

All the things I don’t like about who we are as a couple, didn’t make a bit of difference.

In that moment I knew what truly mattered….. LOVE, KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION, GRACE, GENTLENESS

In that moment the only thing I wanted was to have a do over for all the times I had complained, nagged, or fought.

In that moment the only thing I saw was the man I love. The man who stole my heart with his jokester, funny man attitude and those deep dark chocolate eyes.

In that moment I realized nothing can wait! NOTHING.

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life- You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.James 4-14

For the first time I realized I wasn’t living life as if each day were a gift. Each day God gave me with this man was a present in the present moment.

If I learned anything this past week, it was this:

Each day is a gift – We really need to be thinking and acting as if it is. Is that pile of dirty clothes on the floor something we want to be making an issue of? Do we really want to waste today complaining and nagging instead of loving and living? The answer is more than likely no. We want to cherish every second we’re given and show those around us the love we truly feel.

We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Will Bring – Let’s face it, our time here is so limited whether we want to believe that or not. We don’t know what awaits us with the next sunrise. As difficult as it seems at times we need to focus on THIS moment, not spend our time fretting over yesterday or worrying about the next moment.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – In the scope of things, there are so many things that are so minuscule and yet we chose to make them an issue. Stuff that when put in perspective matters very little. Life is full of opportunities to choose whether or not this will make a difference, or make our lives, or the lives of those around us better or worse.

Don’t Wait – Do It Now – Start that conversation, even if we’re afraid. Change if we must. Begin a new journey. Start over. Take that trip we’ve always dreamed of. Tell those we love how much they mean to us. Take the time to make each moment matter. Don’t wait for the next opportunity it may not come, do it now.

♥ It’s Okay, We’re Human – We’re going to fall down. We’re going to forget how scared we were. There will be times when we nag, fight, cry, and are less than loving and nice. It’s okay, we’re human and offered the wonderful gifts of God’s Forgiveness and Grace.

Each day I open my eyes, I’ve been blessed.

Each day I’m given the opportunity to make a difference.

Each day I’m responsible for my words, thoughts, deeds, and actions.

God answered my prayer that night. It wasn’t a heart attack. What it was, was the beginning of a new journey. One of discovery, wonder, joy, change, growth and so much more.

Yes, being a wife is hard work filled with opportunity, joy, sorrow, regret, happiness, blessings, and LOVE> oh the love that makes it all worth it every day!

Till Next Time,

♥ R

10 thoughts on “Being a Wife is Hard – 5 Lessons Life Taught This Week

  1. So sorry to hear that you all had to go that horrid time but glad to hear everything’s alright. You can start living each day to its fullest again!


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