It’s All In The Marks .?!,”:;

As a writer, I work really hard to make my posts as interesting and informative as I can.

I also enjoy having a bit of fun when I write so I’m not always serious in my writing.

I thought for today I could pass on a little bit of interesting AND fun information.

I love English! I love Reading! I love Writing!

The three, together, can make for some really good stuff for you, my lovely readers.

However, there are those times when those pesky little marks we have to use in our writing can cause great difficulties.

They can be confusing and I’m guilty of over using more than one of them.

Of what do I speak?

Why PUNCTUATION of course!

Photo courtesy of High Heels and High Notes

Those often pesky lil marks we must have and use in order for all of our writing efforts to make any sense.

Those lil marks which help us convey every emotion we experience as we write.

Those lil marks which allow us to bring our readers into the realm of what we are trying to say.


Put one of these lil boogers in the wrong place and suddenly, within a heartbeat, the entire composition changes.

Photo Courtesy of

How dreadful!

In honor of these wonderful lil things, here are some great links.

Links to help us all know what each of those lil boogers do and when to use them.

You know, just a lil refresher, if you will! Go ahead, click away! You know you want to 😉

Apostrophe Brackets Colon Comma Dash
Ellipsis Exclamation Point Hyphen Parentheses Period
Question Mark Quotes Semicolon

So, the next time you sit down to write, think of this lil post all about those great lil marks called Punctuation.

punctuation day

Till Next Time,


2 thoughts on “It’s All In The Marks .?!,”:;

  1. Love it! I’m a real pedant when it come to things like this – yet still when I’m writing I make mistakes without even seeing them. #HeyHo


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