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Wifey Wednesday – Encouraging Words

Hooray! It’s time for another Wifey Wednesday post!!

Wifey Wednesday

I promised, from the beginning (all 3 posts ago – ha ha ha), I would share my successes and my failures with you and today, I keep that promise.

This was a rough week. Not an epic fail, but a fail none-the-less

I was encouraged by my pin Speak Your Approval from Kaylene Yoder (apparently I’m hooked on this gal’s stuff. 😉 ) to pay attention to how I speak to my Mr Right.

Today's Topic (2)

I’m encouraging. I can motivate you like no one’s business, unless you’re my hubs.

Then, I suck!

I’m not sure I wanted to admit this to myself. I think I’ve known for some time but couldn’t or wouldn’t admit it to myself.

I can pick my man apart in a millisecond.

“You never…”

“Why do I always have to….”

“Could you be….”

“Why don’t you ever…”

If it’s something I don’t like and he’s doing it, I’m on him like white on rice.

Sad, but true. 😦

I’m uplifting to most folks around me, but poor Mr. Right gets the worst parts of me I can find. Not intentionally, I don’t believe, but it’s true. He is not getting the me I show others.

In her post,Kaylene talks about the following 4 encouragement phrases to speak to your husband:

#1 It will be OK.

#3. Thank you for loving me.

#4. I’m proud of you.

Um, yeah, these rarely come out of my mouth; might occasionally make it in a text; are not some of my go to’s.

Although all four ARE TRUE for me.

I KNOW together, everything will be OK  

I SEE how incredibly hard he works to provide for our family

I KNOW he loves me and I REALLY love him

I’m extremely PROUD of him…EXTREMELY

Now if only I could get those things out of my head into his!!

I’ve pondered this all week. Did you notice the phrases I used above?

YEP! All of them were about ME! I feel an ah ha moment coming on, don’t you?

It’s one thing to THINK encouraging words, but an entirely different thing to actually CONVEY them.
Tweet: It’s one thing to THINK encouraging words, but an entirely different thing to actually CONVEY them.

I can think it, know it and see it all day long, but unless I’m conveying it, Mr Right isn’t going to get what he needs. (um, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, Mr Right is good, but he IS NOT a mind reader…although that could be helpful at times 😉 )

I’ve come up with my own versions of  words of approval (I have to give a big THANKS to Kaylene Yoder for the jumping off points on her post!!) I even liked the way she presented her phrases and have fashioned mine in the same format. Copying is the highest form of flattery (hope she takes it that way if she sees my post here! 🙂

#1 I’m on Your Side – When things aren’t looking up and I know Mr Right is feeling overwhelmed or alone, I need to be letting him know I’m on his side and we are a team. Going through all of life, good and bad, together. I think this is a phrase my man would be glad to hear.

Tweet: I’m on Your Side! We are a team

#2 You’re a Great Provider – Again, thinking about my Mr Right specifically, this is a phrase I know he would respond to. I think most men want to be good providers, I would venture to guess they base who they are and their self esteem on their ability to provide

Tweet: You’re a great provider!

#3 You’re Love is a Blessing – Letting Mr. Right know he’s doing a good job of loving me should be a priority. I am truly a blessed woman and letting my man know I am blessed to call him husband can only make him feel good about us and our relationship. He doesn’t always get things right but he ALWAYS loves me and I need him to know how much of a blessing that is.

Tweet: Your Love is a Blessing

#4 I’m Proud of  _______ – I know telling Mr Right I am proud of him would be too much of a blanket statement, too vague. He needs concrete things I am proud of him for. So, I changed I’m proud of you to be more specific.  For example: I’m proud of your work ethic. I’m proud of your relationship with God, I’m proud of the way you care for us., etc.

Tweet: Give him concrete words of what you’re proud of him for

Let’s face it, guys need encouragement just like us gals, albeit perhaps in different ways. Our men need us to let them know they are a blessing, they are loving us well, they are good providers and that we are on their side.

Let’s get it out of our heads, into our mouths, and into their heads!

Speak Life into Your Marriage!!

Tweet: Speak Life into Your Marriage

Background photo courtesy of tiverylucky

How do you speak encouragement to your hubby?

Till Next Time,

♥ R

4 thoughts on “Wifey Wednesday – Encouraging Words

  1. Beautiful! Although I am not a wife, I know I am able to use this in any other relationship. My mom always said that no marriage is made in heaven and that it is very hard work and both parties need to work at it. They were only separated by death, so really a great example for me.

    Take care 🙂


  2. HI There! This is a great post and holds such good reminders for a good, solid marriage. We’ve been married 33 years this 10/2, and we still work hard to encourage one another. When we have a “discussion” (that is what we call our disagreements ), we remind each other we are on the same team, just as you stated in your post. Marriage is hard work, no matter what, and anyone who doesn’t agree with this truth is fooling themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joan, thanks so much for stopping by. May I wish you Happy Anniversary (early)!! WOW 33 years! That’s amazing. I don’t know many folks who have made it that long so I’m encouraged when I do. Marriage IS hard work but I think many times we forget it is. I’m so thankful for your words of encouragement and your life example of making it last! Hope to see you soon!


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