Celebrating a Blogging Milestone with a Blast from the Past

This will be my 71st post here at Just Bits and Pieces! 70 already posted! WOW!

I’m so thankful I have the ability to write and share, live and learn, laugh and love with every one of you, my dear readers.

In honor of this milestone (100 posts is just around the corner) I thought I would share a little something from my past writings. Just a little fun. Just a little blogging humor.

A blast from the past!

A Day in the Life of a Blogging Perfectionist

Life as a

Sitting down to the keyboard:
Editorial Calendar, Got it
Outline, Check
Now, what to write about…
Nope, can’t write about that
That’s not too bad, but…
Suppose that could work
Why did the editorial calendar even get created
Why did the outline get written
There’s a change to it nearly every day
OK, just start, maybe something good will happen

Starts typing:
OK, this isn’t too bad
Oh, that’s sounds pretty good
Think maybe I’m on a roll
Good point
Another good point
Sweet! This is coming right along
OK, time to edit a bit

Begin reading what has been written:
NO, that doesn’t sound right
This needs to be taken out
Let’s put this up in this paragraph instead
Change this point to say something completely different
This paragraph needs to be broken up, it’s way too long
Why is THIS in here
That doesn’t sound right
This may be a bit too risky

Now for the photos:
Hit the Canva button
Open PicMonkey, just in case
Open Morguefile, and 5 or 6 other photo sites
Oh goodness, has it been over an hour already
This needs to be finished
Okay, that looks good
Save it
Download it

Insert photos:
Edit photo’s, re-position them 8 or 9, or more times
Definitely more re-positioning
Reword several entries
Re-position and edit photos again
Read the post with the visuals in it
Reread the post

Final Edit:
Re-position and edit photos one more time
Reread the post again
Change several entries
Agonize over the post
Rewrite several points
Is it what needs to be said
Will it be liked

This isn’t what I want it to look like or sound like at all!!



Happens Every Time Folks, Every Time

This has been a true and accurate depiction of a perfectionists blog writing experience, any resemblance to a fictional blog writer’s life is purely coincidental. This post and its contents do not necessarily reflect the opinions or thoughts of other blogs or their affiliates. But I bet there are lots of similarities!! 😉

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