Hittin’ the Trail – The Trail Mix That Is With 25 Great Recipes

Happy National Trail Mix Day!

Mmmm, trail mix, one of my favorite snacks any time, not just when I’m hittin’ the trails

In honor of this day, I thought it would be fun to give you some great resources so you could experiment with making your own Trail Mix to discover your own favorite!

Let’s go Hit the Trail – the Trail Mix that is.

Photo Courtesy of Craftionary

Healthier Trail Mix – Over at the Skinny Mom, Kristen Foltz shares 12 great healthier trail mix recipes. I can’t wait to try Fall Flavored Trail Mix. YUM!

Protein Lovers – pop on over to THE BIG MANS WORLD and check out this lovely protein packed mix!

Gluten Free – Looking for that gluten free snack? Check this one out over at Against All Grain, you won’t be disappointed.

Fall Favorite – This Harvest Hash from The House of Hendrix looks splendid. I’ve not tried it yet, but the photo makes me want to.

Sweet and Salty – Sweet tooth? Needing to balance it with some salty? Well look no more. This sweet and salty recipe is just the ticket.

Looking for Granola – Sally’s Baking Addiction has you covered if you’re looking for some granola in your trail mix. I love granola!

For the Kiddos – Looking for a trail mix that isn’t so grown-up can be a challenge especially if you have a picky eater. Why not try this Just for the Kids trail mix and hot a home run.

No Nuts Please – Have an allergy to nuts? Well Good Cheap Eats has the recipe for Monkey Munch, a nut free trail mix that will hit the spot!

Popcorn in the Mix – Sometimes you just need something a bit different and this recipe from Skinny Girl Popcorn Trail Mix  has the mark of  greatness

Make Your Own – The sky’s the limit when it comes to trail mix. Here are some ingredients you can use, courtesy of Sophia Breene over a Greatist

No matter what your guilty pleasure is, Trail Mix hits the spot.

Enjoy and Happy Trails to You!

Till next Time,

♥ R

What’s your favorite Trail Mix? Share Your Recipe in the Comments

2 thoughts on “Hittin’ the Trail – The Trail Mix That Is With 25 Great Recipes

  1. Wow! I had no idea there were so many different kinds. Will certainly check out a couple from here. I am not the biggest fan, but my hubby loves them. 🙂


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