Wifey Wednesdays – A Brand New Adventure

Welcome to the first ever, well at least for Just Bits and Pieces, Wifey Wednesday!

What in the world is Wifey Wednesdays?

I’m gonna have to tell you this story before I can explain that story.

Pinterest! I love Pinterest. As a matter of fact, I have 55 boards and am working on more. I love following and getting followers. I adore scrolling through and finding amazing things to pin.

The problem is, I pin all these great things onto all those lovely boards, but rarely do I actually use any of them. Oh, I’ll occasionally scroll through the boards and think, I should make that or do this or try that thing, but typically I just read it, look at it, pin it and move on. There are two boards I use quite regularly- my two FOOD boards – Here’s to Healthy Eating and Yummies

Sad but true.

Well no more!

I want to DO and USE some of those fantastical pins. I want to grow and change and decorate and cook and clean and design and fashionize (is that a word?, eh oh well it is now 😉 ) my world.

What better place to start than with my Relationship board.

My Relationship board has many facets; wifely things, dating things, children things and more.

For now, I’m going to focus on the wifey things. (I know, my spellchecker keeps telling me it’s WIFELY but I don’t like how that sounds so I’m using WIFEY, k? K)

Each week on Wednesday my post will be about all things wifey.

Wifey Wednesday

How to be better; things to do for your hubby, ways I’m struggling, ways I’m succeeding, BUT all the ideas for these posts will come from each of the pins on my Relationship board, starting at the top and working my way through them.

And that, my friends, is how Wifey Wednesdays was born.

I do hope you’ll join me this week, and next week and all the weeks after that.

I’ve no idea how long this will be, if there will be repeats, where I’m going to end up.

I am, however, super excited about this series and hope you are too!

See ya next Wednesday for the first official WIFEY WEDNESDAY (#WifeyWednesdays)

Tell all your friends!! The more the merrier!

Till Next Time,


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