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Just When You Think Your Ahead, You’re Behind

Here’s a scenario; you’re tooling along, life is going pretty good, you have no complaints. Things are starting to look up and you’re seeing the positive things happening around you

When SUDDENLY… BLAMMO WHAMMO –  along comes that silly little monkey wrench messing up all your plans and successes, small though they may have been.


Life’s funny that way, isn’t it?

I can tell myself every day, a thousand times a day, everything is looking up (most days I believe it and live it) but there are those days when things get a little too sticky for my comfort.

All is going well in my little part of the world and then all of a sudden it feels like every piece of the puzzle is missing. I’ve searched the box for the pieces, looked on the floor, but nope, there are no pieces that seem to fit and life gets a little to the left of right. Know what I mean?

You know I have experienced this, after all I am writing a post about it 🙂

This past week was like that for me.

I was tooling along, all was going well, really well. Then it happened…

Parts of the puzzle started coming up missing or broken.

I hear you asking what happened.


I’ve been driving my van without a muffler for about a year now; wasn’t bad, loud, but not bad. That poor little ol’ 17 year old baby just kept right on chuggin’ along. Finally, after much saving, we were able to schedule an appointment to have the exhaust replaced.

I don’t mind sharing with you, I was super excited. Oh to be able to travel around town without that retched sound restricting conversation or having to blare the radio in order to hear it.

Any who, two days before the appointment, my son and I were practicing maneuverability for his driving test (no I don’t want to think about that, thank you very much) and after we had finished (THANK GOODNESS), the brakes went out! WHAT? Is everyone okay? Oh yes, we’re all fine. It happened as we were pulling out of the parking lot so we were going fairly slow.

Now I don’t know much about how parts of a car work, but how in the world do brakes work one minute and the very next, not?!

Beats me, but I went into holy crap mode. I mean, it took us several months to save to have the muffler fixed how in the world were we going to come up with the extra money for brakes too and how much was THAT going to cost?

We’re a two car family, have to be because of work schedules, visitation schedules, etc. etc. etc. The van has to work, period.

Here comes the point of this entire post. 

I am an optimist by nature and a positive thinker by choice.

It is rare for something to come along that throws me off, but I have to tell you, this threw me off.

Just when I thought we were getting ahead, something comes along and BAM! we’re behind…AGAIN *sigh*

It was my mama who put me right.

Isn’t it funny how some people just seem to know exactly what to say at just the right time?

My mama looked at me and said,

It may seem crazy and difficult, maybe even impossible, but God has never let you down and He won’t let you down now

Um, for whatever reason, that hit home with me. I thought, ‘ya know, she’s right

I’ve hit hard times before; I’ve lived through some pretty terrible things and yet I always managed to come through it and not only that, but on the other side I was better than when I came into the situation, whatever it may have been.

OK, breathe.

Long story short, my Mr. Right and I prayed about our situation; we talked with his dad to get some sound advice; we tried to focus on the positive things going on; we let God do his thing.

This bares repeating for when those BAMMO WHAMMO’s come along:

♥ Pray about it

♥ Get some sound advice from someone you trust

♥ Think positive thoughts

♥ Let God do His thing

Surprise, surprise, God came through! The van is now the proud owner of a new exhaust system AND new brake lines to boot!

So what am I saying here? That’s an easy one

  • Life is going to throw you curve balls, count on it.
  • Those things are going to seem overwhelming and discouraging
  • Set backs do not define you, so don’t let them
  • When these things come, there is a choice
  • You have the power to choose

Ya hear the cliche’s all the time of Let go and Let God; Keep a positive outlook; Chin Up and so on and so forth and sometimes they can be really annoying when things are tough

Having said that, let me say this; There is always a choice. ALWAYS

You can’t always control circumstances, but YOU CAN control how you respond to those circumstances.

So when you’re tooling along and life is good and you’re thinking you’re ahead and a BLAMMO WHAMMO hits, remember;

How you respond is always, ALWAYS, your choice!

Till Next Time,

♥ R

How do you stay on the sunny side of life? (oooo, I love that song! Anyone remember it?)

5 thoughts on “Just When You Think Your Ahead, You’re Behind

  1. I can SO relate to this post. The Blammo-Whammo has been visiting me FAR too often over the past month, and I am over it. I just ignore it, and keep on keeping on. You are right. How we respond is always our choice. 🙂


  2. So move 2 steps forward and life pulls you 1 step backward and sometimes it is one forward and one backward. I often wonder why do vehicles, appliances etc go BAM suddenly one fine day when they are needed most. I have had ample experiences of this sort. The morning when there is nothing else for breakfast apart from bread and the toaster dies. The cooker is waiting on the gas with heated oil and you need to make and pour the tomato puree into it and the mixer dies. Is it there way of telling us – ‘See you value us nothing more than a button operated non-living thing so we tell you that even non-living things like us Die.’


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