☼ Summer of Fun ☼ Activity 30

I’m frugal. I don’t mean to toot my horn, on the contrary. I mean if I can do something without spending a dime, I will!

Being broke after all was how the Summer of Fun lists came to be. I HAD to have Free or nearly free stuff to do.

The thing is, I LIKE finding free or nearly free things to do. The challenge of it; the thrill of the find; the excitement of the hunt.


Oh come on, you knew a but was coming 🙂

Occasionally, I like to save some money and do something BIG, well BIG for us.

Oh I still research the heck out of it; still look for discounts, coupons, freebies, or packages for whatever it is I’m wanting to go big on.

There are, sadly, times when there isn’t any coupon, discount, or packages so I just have to go big!

And so, this activity was born

Summer of Fun Activity 30 – The Newport Aquarium

The Newport Aquarium is in Newport, Kentucky, about an hours drive from our home.

It is NOT frugal, free or anything else I look for when searching for activities, but it is so much fun that we decided it was where we wanted to go for our BIG activity.

There are penguins (sorry the pics of them didn’t turn out), turtles, jelly fish, sharks, and alligators.

I bet you will figure out what our favorites were as you scroll through the photos below.

We touched horseshoe crabs and sea anemone, saw an octopus, and I even dared to walk the Shark Bridge

Spending the day walking around the Newport levee shops, eating in a really cool riverside restaurant and watching my kids have fun watching all of the sea animals was well worth the extra money I had to save to get us there.

So you see, frugal doesn’t mean we never do stuff that costs, it means we save to make it happen; we choose wisely, and we spend the whole day wherever it is we are going. After all, we have to make it worth the money and the trip!

There’s something about standing in a tunnel, water on three sides, standing on a glass floor, and having water, sharks, stingrays, turtles and more engulf us!

Where do you go for your BIG Activities?

Till next time,

♥ R

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3 thoughts on “☼ Summer of Fun ☼ Activity 30

  1. When my son was young, we would save the big activities for vacation. But even then, we were frugal. We went to a lot of state parks, did outdoor activities (costs nothing to take a nature walk). But we would splurge on a science museum (one of his big interests). I would consider an aquarium visit well worth the money.

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    1. Alana, thank you so much for sharing. We love taking walks, visiting state parks, etc. too! Isn’t it such a joy to watch our children experience everything they encounter? Our trip was well worth every penny and we had such a good time! I’m so glad you dropped in, please come back again! 🙂


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