☼ Summer of Fun ☼ Activity 29

We live in a fairly large suburb of a somewhat large city.

It is not conducive to walk to many places. For instance, we cannot walk to a local grocery, shop, or library.

Hence, we drive EVERYWHERE! When we do want to walk, typically, we drive to a local park or a neighborhood other than our own.

We just don’t walk about town…and that’s exactly why I made this one of our activities!

Summer of Fun Activity 29 – Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Awhile back, I discovered a site that really intrigued me: Walk the Town

The Walk the town site has more than 400 walking tours of cities and towns all over America.

Then I discovered the Kindle book for my specific little neck of the woods, put out by the same website, “Look up, Dayton!” That was it, my mind was made up; we were walking and touring our own town like tourists.

Mr. Right was not very excited because for many years he was a delivery driver in Dayton and thought he had seen everything there was to see. BOY WAS HE SURPRISED! <tee hee hee>

We took the book and meandered our way around the city we live in (well, sort of, we actually walked around Dayton, of which we live in a suburb of).

My oldest son gave us directions and read each little blurby in the book about the places we were seeing. He could be a tour guide!!

Oh, I suppose I should mention there were so many things in the book, that we are going to have to go back and do it again maybe even two more times!! Couldn’t get it all in in one visit. Now, THAT’S saying something!

We have driven around Dayton a million and one times, but we saw things we never knew existed; we learned things about our town we NEVER knew; we were all so surprised to find we really knew very little about where we live!

The photos you are about to look through are courtesy of my youngest shutter bug.

Who knew he had such an eye and a passion for photography… when I purchased a new camera I gave him my old one. I learned he is just as passionate about photography as I am. We had a wonderful time comparing our photographs when we got home.

I’m a little biased, but I think these are great shots, especially coming from a 12 year old kid.

Now get out there and walk your town like a tourist! I can’t wait to hear what you learn!!

Till next time,


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