☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 27


We have a disease around here. It’s a nasty lil critter that will occasionally rear its ugly lil head.

This is a disease I think most families probably have; they just don’t know it.

Typically, you start seeing antsy pants and discontentment mulling around the house. That’s how you know it’s coming

What?  What do we have?

It’s called F Cubed (F³) A.K.A. Forced Family Fun Syndrome

Don’t be fooled by it’s cute little super script 3; F³ can suck the life right out of you! It can sneak up on ya when you’re least expecting it.

It’s a nasty lil thing that can take the most happy-go-lucky person and make them want to run away screaming!!

What is F³? Well, it’s when one or more people in the family have had enough!

Enough of spending time with family.

Family time can be such a fantastic time!


Spending time with family can also be such a drag! (I know kids don’t say *it’s a drag* any more but I am a child of the 60’s and 70‘s!) 🙂

Normally, this is what I hear when someone in our house has F³

“I’ve had enough! I can’t take any more Forced Family Fun (F³)!”

If you’re hearing F cubed (F³) come out of one of our mouths, one of us has been infected with the F³ syndrome.

It happened… yep, it happened just not that long ago. F³ infected my youngest son. I think he caught it from his older brother but I can’t prove that, so lets just keep that between you and me, OK? OK!

That nasty lil critter, F³, popped its ugly lil head right out of my youngen’s mouth and he declared he had had enough!!

Don’t be alarmed…

There is a cure for F³ (whew, doesn’t that make us all feel better)

Which leads me to this week’s activity

Summer of Fun Activity Number 27 – Curing F³ with Friends

There is no better cure for F³ than spending time with friends.

That’s exactly what we did.

The oldest went to spend a couple of days with his cousin, who just happens to be the same age and the youngest invited a friend to spend a couple of nights with us.

It’s so much fun watching my kids spend time with other kids.

To hear them laugh, watch them give each other pointers on video games, hearing them talk about ALL sorts of crazy stuff.

My kids have good friends. Polite friends. 

I’ve noticed there are several benefits to letting my kids have friends over

Spending time with friends:

* Gives Everyone a Break: Sometimes we just need to get away from those we spend the most time with. Let’s face it, we all need a change of scenery and looking at someone other than our family can be a nice little change

*Provides a Different Type of Connection: If I’m honest, and I try to be, I’m not all that into video games or watching YouTube videos. Oh I’ll do it, but it certainly isn’t my thang. Friends typically enjoy doing the same types of things and it’s nice to have someone to connect with in areas you personally enjoy.

*Gives Us a Bit of Grown-Up Time: When my kids are being entertained by their friends, Mr. Right and I can get a little bit of quality grown-up time. Instead of entertaining the kids we have small opportunities to interact with one another. Maybe grab a quick movie on Netflix or take a short walk.

Yes, having friends over for my kids adds another person to feed but I cook like I’m cooking for an Army Brigade anyway. I’ve never quite mastered the art of cooking small! 😉

I have to tell you, I enjoyed this activity. I got a little peace, a little grown-up time with Mr. Right, the boys cooked us dinner, and we all got to reboot, so to speak! (YEP, there’s “that little something” )
Tweet: Spending time with friends helps us to reboot our life just a little. #thatlittlesomething, #Friendship

How often do YOU spend time with friends?


Till Next Time,

♥ Robyn

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