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Burnout Madness, Bring Back the Fun


I’m baaaack! Did you miss me?

Oh I sure missed you ♥

No, I’m sorry I didn’t bring you anything….well, that’s not actually true….

Encouragement! I brought you encouragement!

Why? Well, because I’ve learned a few things and I’d like to share them with you.

Isn’t it wonderful what a small break can do.

Even if you do nothing but get out of the ordinary, everyday routine, breaks refresh us.

Before I left, walked away, scrammed, I was beginning to feel the twinges of burnout. I was finding myself not really interested in much of anything. My blog, house chores, my nutrition, really, I was losing interest in many things.

I was tired and overwhelmed much of the time and the only things I was carrying out were the everyday ordinary things life requires. I think some of it was a bit of depression as well, as the boys had gone back to their dad’s for his two weeks of vacation and that means I don’t see or hear from them (just a little self diagnosis there 😉 )

I had to do something. Even if it was a little something.

So, I told myself,

“Self, we’ve had it! It’s time to do something different. Something that we don’t normally do!”

I have to tell you, this is not like me AT ALL! I cannot usually walk away from the every day things I HAVE to do. Chores need done every day; Writing needs to be done every day; Cooking needs to be done every day; All the other things I do every day need to be done every day.

So telling myself it was time to STOP! was very difficult.


Seriously, if I had not taken this small break, I think I would’ve gone insane (okay, that’s a bit of a hyperbole, but you understand where I was, right?)

What did I learn from all of this?

  • The ordinary doesn’t go away. it WILL be there tomorrow
  • The world doesn’t fall apart if I don’t do it all
  • The house didn’t fall down around my ears and is still standing
  • I can breathe, smile, laugh, and enjoy life while taking care of the ordinary
  • I need to become a better time manager
  • Shit happens I cannot control and I’m okay with that

If it’s been awhile since you let yourself take a break, even from just ONE THING, I encourage you to do it. DO IT NOW!!

Whatever that THING is you won’t allow yourself to take a break from and for me it was many, I implore you to seek out some rest from it.

I haven’t felt so relaxed and invigorated all at the same time in years! I’ve a new passion for all of the everyday things again. I want to sit at my desk and share with you, talk with you, laugh with you, support you.

Tweet: Life's too short to allow ourselves to forget what happiness is, TRUE HAPPINESSLife’s too short to allow ourselves to forget what happiness is, TRUE HAPPINESS

Speaking of happiness, I’ve started a new challenge for the next 31 days. I know one more thing, right? LOL 🙂

I think this one’s going to make a difference in me and in my world. I’m going to share it with you and then you can decide if you want to come along or not. Fair enough? Good

The challenge is through the Secret Society of Happy People ( and it’s as easy as pie! You can get all the information by clicking on the SOHP link or the photo of this cutie pie getting her happy on.

Happiness Happens Month 2015
Join the Secret Society of Happy People….it’s OK, it’s not so secret anymore

Here’s day 1 of the challenge, you know so you can see how easy the challenges are



Have a blessed day my friends!

Now go kiss something or someone that makes you happy!!


6 thoughts on “Burnout Madness, Bring Back the Fun

  1. Welcome Back, Robin. I just kissed my lil one. My son Ishaan and he in turn bit me with his lil teeth which are just popping up. How cute is that !


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