☼Summer of Fun☼ Rain, Rain Go Away

We have the summer of fun list; have chosen the activity for the day; collected whatever supplies we may need and… it rains… again.

What do we do when the activity we’ve chosen for a day is an outdoor activity and mother nature decides to take her shower?

What any other respectable family does; we move that activity to another day, huddle up, change the play, and punt! Isn’t that what every family does when their plans get rained out? 😉

Over all it’s been a fairly rainy summer so far. We’ve been lucky to this point though as most of our outdoor activities have been blessed with sun, or at least cloudy, days with little or no rain. We could care less if it rains when it’s an indoor activity.


Thankfully, I have pretty laid back kiddos who don’t let a lot of things rattle them.

So what did we do? We read, we played video games, and ran to nana’s when the weather turned to pure and utter nastiness (hey, nana has a basement and wellllllll, I haven’t cleaned out the under-the-stairs closet yet. It’s on my list…just sayin’.)

Ya’all know we read the 100 children’s books. No? Well check it out, it was activity 6

Anyway, one of the things we did today was read some more off of our list of top 100 inspiring children’s books.

I thought to myself,

“Self, let’s write a couple of reviews from the books we read today. Okay? OK!”

I don’t know if it was intentional or whether it was pure coincidence, but all four of the books we read today seemed to carry the same theme or main idea.

The idea that YOU are enough just as you are.

The two that really touched me;


Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

So Few of Me by Peter H Reynolds

SpoonFirst up, Spoon: Spoon is personification at its finest. Spoon thinks everyone has it better than he. He rattles off all of the great things fork, knife, and chop sticks can do. His mother listens intently, politely commenting on all Spoon says. Boy can I relate to Spoon! There are plenty of times when I think others are doing such great things while my life seems so unimpressive. It feels as if what I do just is simply ho-hum; While others are greatness in all they do! Spoon doesn’t know his friends are saying the same thing about him. Does Spoon finally see his own worth and how lucky he is? Click on the book and listen to the story to find out!

So Few of MeNext, So Few of Me: I related to this book probably more than anyone else in the fam. Why? Well, Leo, a busy lad, has a list of things to do. Yet it seems the more he does, the more the list grows. How will he ever get everything done? Wish for two of himself of course. I’m always saying there isn’t enough of me to go around; I have too much to do; I need more hands. Well, Leo is much like that. He doesn’t know how he will get everything done. He doesn’t have enough hands…. he will have! Click on the book and check it out. Find out what happens when Leo gets his wish.

These two books, sparked some really good conversation about how we can feel less than valuable or like we aren’t enough. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy both of these inspiring stories.

Just in case you’re interested here are the other two books we read today:

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? By Dr. Seuss

All the WorldAll the World by Liz Garton Scanlon

Every one of these books really is an inspiration! You’re not going to regret reading any of these to your children or even to yourself!

Happy Reading,

♥ Robyn

What is one of your favorite children’s books?

6 thoughts on “☼Summer of Fun☼ Rain, Rain Go Away

  1. It’s raining in our part of the world too, but we are glad that they have finally arrived and taken away the intense heat. Lovely and inspiring books you are reading. Yes, you are enough just as you are, hope everyone realizes that 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Dr Seuss books. My son’s 13 now and into Zombie’s and such like so we rarely read together these days. In recent years we’ve really enjoyed various Michael Morpurgo books, especially born to run about a greyhound. The David Walliams books have been funny, and we loved a series by Suzanne Collins called The Underland chronicles (she’s better known for The Hunger Games).


    1. I will have to check out Michael Morpurgo books. Haven’t heard of him. Have you and your son ever read the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy? We are currently in the 6th book of the series. It’s really quite good.


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