☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 25

WOW!Doesn’t seem possible, but I guess title’s don’t lie.

So, activity 25 was full of stuff, fun stuff, learning stuff, and well just stuff.

It’s sort of a nonsense sort of activity but wow, does it produce the laughter (I really seem to be on this whole laughter kick as of late. What’s that about?)

Oh well, guess it’s just a thing right now and perhaps something to cover in another post, but for now, on to today’s activity

Activity Number 25 – Mad Libs

Mad- Libs The Original Do you remember these from your fun-filled kid days? They came in little books you could take with you anywhere. I did a little research and they’ve been around since 1953! WOW!

My sister and I used to sit for hours and fill in all of the little blanks, read the stories to each other and LAUGH….oh we would laugh.

← I haven’t seen those little books for quite some time, (anyone know if they still make ’em?) but I did discover several online versions. (I’ll share the links below)

They are a fill-in-the-blank just like the books, and then the site puts your fill-ins into the story.

Mad Libs, while funny, are also educational -Shh, don’t tell the kids!!! (oh our deceitful parents…keeping this little secret from us as we spent hours and hours filling in those little blanks!! Guess it’s our turn now, muahahahahaha!)  evil laugh

The blanks are filled with adjectives, adverbs, nouns, plurals, etc. so while the kiddos are having a good time, they are also learning a bit about parts of speech. I’ve also seen them where the blanks are filled with countries, cities, capitals, etc., too!! Even older kids can use the refresher for that stuff, trust me! (I always seem to find ‘that little something’, don’t I?) 
Tweet: Mad-Libs: a fun way to help kids learn parts of speech and more! Shh, don’t tell them though

Mad-Libs are a great family activity because it doesn’t require a lot of physical effort from the parents (what parent doesn’t need that after a long day?)


So grab your tablet, phone, kindle or electronic device of your choosing and visit some or all of these sites (these are just a few sites we’ve used and certainly not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination):


Mad Takes

Glow Word Books

Word Blanks

Rink Works

Education Place

Finally, here’s one of ours which we found particularly hilarious!

Mad Libs

Mother And Son

MOTHER: Junior, you come right inside. You’re late, and your supper

is getting vamperian.

SON: Aw, Mom. I’ve been out playing vampire.ball with

some of the other skeltons.

MOTHER: Well, get inside. And don’t forget to wipe your muddy ghosts.

SON: Okay, Mom. Can I watch television while I eat?

There’s a show on.

MOTHER: No, not while you’re eating your coffin.

SON: But Mom! Monday.Night Foootball is on.

MOTHER: No, sir. You’ve been watching too much television.

You’re liable to strain your fingers.

SON: STOP! That’s my favorite program.

MOTHER: Never mind. Go and wash your crypt.

SON: Aw, Mom. I don’t have to. I’m ghostly.

MOTHER: Don’t talk back to me, young man, or I’ll have to speak to your box.

Pretty funny, right?

Good old fashioned free fun! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Til Next Time,

♥ Robyn

Copy and paste your Mad-Libs into the comments section below and share them with us!! We would love to read and laugh along with you make_fun

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