☼ Summer of Fun☼ Activity 23


Howdy! Welcome back! Are you enjoying your summer?

I know we’ve had an action packed summer and I’m looking forward to more fun as we blow full steam ahead into July.

Ah July! Time for celebrating the 4th with fireworks and food, going to the pool, lounging around the house…YEP, we’ve definitely hit the lazy days of summer.

There are a few more things than the 4th to celebrate in July and we just happen to have a one of those celebrations as our activity today.

Activity Number 23 – Video Game Day

No, I didn’t make that up (although I have used it on more than just it’s actual day).

Seriously, today really is Video Game Day, not to be confused with National Video Game Day of course.

Yes, there’s a difference. It’s okay, I didn’t know there was either.

Apparently, Video Game Day (July 8) is your own personal time to sit with your favorite games on a local level, play til your little heart is content or whatever gamer’s play til; where as National Video Game Day (Sept. 12) is a national established celebration of video games. Who knew, right?

So today we will hole up inside (it’s supposed to rain anyway *sigh*) and play video games until our thumbs ache, our eyes are crossing and our asses are numb…sounds like a good time huh? 😉

Video Game Day

Actually, there are some pluses to this whole video game playing thing.

  1. It gives us adults full access, free of charge, into our teens/tween’s world (AKA their rooms)
  2. We get to see every part of that room, dirty undies, socks on the floor and all, and not have to even entertain the idea of cleaning it or nagging them to clean it. Oh, take the Fabreeze with you, just in case…you know…those dirty undies and socks and God only knows what else *full body shiver*
  3. Playing video games with them puts us in a place to do something they enjoy. It allows us to visit and experience life as they know it. Technology is a HUGE part of their lives; it’s been in their lives since the day they were born; they have no idea what life is like without technology, even if we do.
  4. Video games are great for improving eye – hand coordination
  5. Depending on the game (I’m thinking Wii sports etc) we may actually get our teens/tweens up and moving for a change. Hey, nobody said they get to pick ALL the games we play
  6. When we’ve had enough, need a break, we know they’re gonna stay with it; we might actually get to sit down and read that book we’ve been trying to read for a year; okay maybe not a year, but dang, I’ve had it a long time or so it seems.
  7. Since they’ve had all day today to play their games, we now have leverage as to why they can’t play them tomorrow. What will they do? Drive us nuts probably. Hey, I know! They might even read a book! Oh the shock and horror of that thought…tee hee hee. OR they might go outside.. oh I do hope they don’t spontaneously combust with their vampire white skin from being indoors playing video games so much 🙂

So you see, Video Game Day isn’t all bad. Actually, this is a good way to show our teens we value them, their ideas, and their abilities. (I didn’t fail you; you knew ‘that little something’ would pop up, didn’t you?)
Tweet: One of the most valuing things we can do for our teens: enter their world, do what they like, and be present while doing it. #TeensNeedUs

I try to interact with my boys on a regular basis but I’m not very good at entering their world, especially their world of gaming, so Video Game Day gives me a reason to make that happen.

One more thing about Video Game Day; well, its more of a survival tip really…

Today is also National Chocolate with Almonds Day! Just sayin’ 🙂

Till Next Time,

♥ Robyn

How do you connect with your teen/tween?

6 thoughts on “☼ Summer of Fun☼ Activity 23

  1. I have no knowledge of video games. I’m probably the only person in the world who doesn’t enjoy them. However, I know my nephews are very keen on them and it’s a big deal to receive birthday and Christmas gifts of games!


  2. I can totally relate to this post. Whilst I do a lot with my son. Video gaming is another world for me. I am however grateful for the growing gaming YouTubers. I can cope with watching them and this builds a bridge between my world and my son’s.


  3. I used to do this with my kids on rainy days.. Oh, they made such fun of me.. We all had a good time tho, and another bonus? Eating junk food while playing! And we had another rule, they couldn’t let me win and I couldn’t let them win. – We’re a competitive family. – Everybody wins/loses, fair n’ square. 🙂 This post made me miss all of my kiddles being home.. Great memories. Thanks for sharing.


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