☼Summer of Fun☼ Not Actually an Activity…yet


AH, we’re back; yep, the boys came back to our house this morning and we’ve been having a blast all day.

We’ve done several things (bought a belated birthday present for my oldest, played said game, had lunch, you know, the usual sorts of things) but I think my favorite thing we did today was visit antique shops

Funny story bout that… one day, about a month ago, while out running some errands I see something outside a shop that catches my eye.

I say to the boys, “hey, we’re gonna stop in this shop for just a minute.”

My easy going guys rolled with it and we stopped. Mentally, I’m preparing myself to rush in and rush out because lets face it, these are tween/teenage boys. Antique shops are not their thing.

We step inside, oh I don’t know maybe 2-3 steps and my kids instantly become like starving children let loose in a candy shop! Darting here and there, looking at this, pointing to that, eyes wide, laughing, oooo-ing and ah-ing at every little piece of silverware, old toy, tattered rugs, and weathered furniture.

I know I stood there, just inside that door, shoulders slumped and mouth agape for a solid 5 minutes.

You could’ve knocked me over with a quick flip of a feather.

I shook myself not believing what I was seeing. I mean I love going in these shops, but had avoided taking the boys because, well, it’s an antique shop and they are teenagers… DUH! The two don’t mix. Antique shops = bored teenagers! 

BOY WAS I WRONG!!! 🙂  Thankful I was wrong because now we have one more thing we can enjoy together as a family.

Here’s “that little something” coming your way: Don’t assume anything, but accept everything as a possibility…especially when it comes to your kids. They will shock and surprise you at every turn!
Tweet: Kids will shock and amaze you at every turn, assume nothing!

Long story short, we ended up being in that store nearly 2 hours. 

OK, back to this days fun.

We stopped in several antique shops today and it was nothing short of awe inspiring watching my boys walk through and find treasure after treasure; To have them want to show me every little thing they found; To hear them talking to each other about the items they found; warmed my heart it did.

They did however sound like Stewie from Family Guy – mom, mom, mum, mummy, mama, mooommm, etc… (I only know this because Mr. Right said it was so.)

Mr. Right and I found several things we could oooo and ahhh over as well. It was fun to watch the things he picked up or looked at. Sort of helped me get a feel for his taste in furniture and what he finds interesting.

Needless to say, it was another great trip to the antique shops with lots of laughter, togetherness, and even a few fun shots on the ol phone cam.

Antique Shop
Yes, those are gold knives in between their fingers as they act like Wolverine. *sigh* boys will be boys
Antique Shop 2
Mr. Right found the bathroom signs most amusing! *sigh yet again* even grown, boys will be boys

Is there some place or something you’ve avoided because you figured your child(ren) wouldn’t like it, only to discover your child(ren) loved it?

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