☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 19


Yesterday I talked about how important it is to be able to laugh at yourself

Well, today is very similar in that it involves laughing… and lots of it!

Activity No. 19 – Old Time Gangster Nicknames

That’s right!

Today’s laughter is brought to you by choosing old time gangster nicknames for each other.

How’d we do that?

The original activity just said, ‘chose nicknames’ and we decided that was too general and broad.

The discussion at dinner led us to deciding to narrow it just a bit

Mama didn’t want a fight over whose idea was going to be used


→ Each person chooses 4 categories – some of my favorites were: Superhero, sumo wrestler,secret agent, outlaw, mafia, old timer, and dinosaur (creative right?!)

→ Write each category on separate piece of paper

→ Put all the ideas into a hat, bowl, container of some sort

→ Draw one out (NO PEEKING) oh and we let the youngest person choose just for the sake of saving an argument, but it could be the oldest, the closest birthday, the longest hair, etc.

→ Grab a piece of paper (trust me you’re going to want to write this down). Based on the category, every family member will chose one nickname for all the people in the room, excluding themselves. For us that meant each person was going to have 3 names because there are 4 of us. If there are 5 people then each person would have 4 nicknames, 3 would have 2, etc.; Is that clear as mud or what? 😉

‘That little something’Learning about yourself comes in many forms, from many places, and from many people; don’t be afraid to learn about who you are; today’s activity helped me see how my family sees me and showed me that perhaps I need to give up some control  😉 (this will make more sense when you see what nicknames I received)

Tweet: Learning about yourself comes in many forms, from many places and from many people; don’t be afraid to learn about who you are

And… Here’s what we got


O - 45987

Alias – “The Giggler”

Alias – “The Teddy Bear”

ChromeDome Scotty

Alias – “The Gapster”

Alias – “The Washer”

The Boss Robyn

Alias – “The Cleaner”

Alias – “The Controller”

Wingspan Noah

Alias – “The Tower”

Alias – “Too Tall”

Til Next Time,

♥ Robyn

I can’t wait to hear some of the nicknames you get and give to your family members!! Please be sure to come back and share!

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