☼Summer of Fun☼ – Activity 18


How often do you laugh?

How often do you laugh at yourself?

It’s my belief that until a person can laugh at themself, true growth and happiness become stagnant.

Thankfully, today’s activity takes care of that for this family.

Activity 18 – Lip-sync Videos

The fun stuff of life doesn’t happen when we want it to or even when we need it to, but even in life’s hum-drum we can find things to smile about, laugh about.

That laugh for us today was creating lip-sync videos!! (madness I know)

We couldn’t decide on one song for everybody to do together, so we each chose a song to perform.

Before we get any farther along,

I just HAVE to show you the really cool camera holder my youngest made so we could film hands-free!!

the stand

Pretty awesome! Lego’s ROCK!(Proud mama moment 🙂 )

Ya ready for ‘that little something’ I always throw into our activities?

To laugh at one’s self is learning to accept who you are, just as you are, imperfections and all.

Tweet: To laugh at one’s self is learning to accept who you are, just as you are, imperfections and all

It reduces stress, helps us see even our mistakes are not life or death, and it allows others to enjoy who we are because we accept who were are. 

Trust me, we laughed A LOT while making these videos and LAUGHED AND LAUGHED even more when we watched them.

We hope they will bring laughter to your day

Till Next Time,

♥ Robyn

Click and watch, you are gonna have a blast watching us!

It’s your turn… GO make a lip-sync video to share!!

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