☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 17


We’ve been moving full steam ahead for quite some time now.

Having a blast doing every single activity and making memories galore.

Today’s activity is a very important one.

It teaches one of the most important lessons I believe my kids, my Mr. Right, I, and a majority of people need to learn.

Activity No. 17 – The Art of Doing Nothing

The Italians have a concept for piddling around known as ‘La Dolce Far Niente’, which means- the sweetness of doing nothing Colleen Long, Psy.D

Busyness robs us of many things: peace, relaxation, sleep, time, just to name a few. We love having a great time doing our activities; however we’re learning to master the art of doing nothing. Tweet:  learning to master the art of doing nothing. #SummerofFun15 #ThatLittleSomething

We simply ebb and flow with nothingness. Perhaps we lie on our backs and watch the clouds go by; maybe we enjoy sitting in the silence, listening to the comings and goings just outside our window; we may close our eyes and listen to our own breathing, our own heartbeat… whatever we ‘do’ we aren’t doing anything.

Let me clarify, we don’t do nothing all day. We’re doing what needs to be done or whatever we wish- play games, read, watch TV, write, chores, etc., but we take nothing breaks throughout the day (even if it’s only 5 minutes)

When the time comes for nothing…everything stops so we aren’t filling every waking moment with noise, to do lists, electronics, cleaning, writing, or anything that requires our minds to work harder than they need to.

Do Nothing

When we first started doing this I heard ‘I’m bored’ so many times I wanted to pull my hair out. The silence was a bit awkward as well. After a few times, they started to see the benefits of doing nothing and so did I.

Pay attention, here comes that ‘little something’

We started noticing we were more relaxed, more peaceful, nicer to each other, more energized, better able to focus on just about everything and better able to sleep (better sleep…there’s one for ya even if nothing else rings true 😉 ).

There truly is an art to doing nothing.

This is what doing nothing looks like for us.

What does doing nothing look like for you?

4 thoughts on “☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 17

  1. Hi, I am stopping over from the Write Tribe FB Group. This was an interesting read. I have my ‘do-nothing’ breaks on a daily basis post my toddler’s bed time. Although, at this stage, it is almost impossible to convince him to do nothing. 😛 I would be happy if he decides to sit at one place for 5 minutes at a stretch. 🙂


    1. I’m thankful you stopped in, I Love meeting new people! Ah, the toddler years, non-stop every waking moment. I remember them well. Kudos to you for finding ‘nothing’ moments after his bed time! Please do stop back in sometime soon.

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