☼summer of Fun☼ Activity 15


Today’s activity brought us laughs and lots of fun.

Creating is always a great time and today we created several things.

Summer of Fun – Activity No. 15 – Puppet Making

Sometimes the thing you get from a project is a GOOD TIME! (never leave without giving you that “little something”)

Till next time,

♥ Robyn

Find something to create today!

5 thoughts on “☼summer of Fun☼ Activity 15

  1. Your house sounds like a whole lot of fun Robyn! I’ve enjoyed doing arts and crafts with my nephews when they’ve been to stay. They often say it’s their favourite activity, even when we’ve done far more exciting things and taken them to special places. I think kids just love making things!!

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    1. I think any time we create it’s fun… there’s just something about watching pieces fall into place or each stroke of a brush lead to another and another. I think we adults forget it’s not always about ‘doing’ something, but more about giving something…our time! So glad to hear from you!!

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