☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 14


I’m sure you’ve all figured out by now, I’m all about finding ways to connect, interact, and have fun with my tween/teen boys.

I’ve discovered several things over the last few activities, but there seems to be one common theme among them: TIME

I’m learning it’s really less about what we are doing and more that we are doing. It’s about me and Mr. Right taking the time to do things with the boys. It’s about them being important enough for us to take the time with them. ah, we got to that ‘little something’ early on in this one, didn’t we? 😉

Isn’t it interesting, the activities, while fun, haven’t really been all that and a bag of chips. They’ve been simple, free, or at least frugal little things and yet, they are making HUGE impacts on the boys.

Today’s activity is not different. It’s not exciting. It’s not even imaginative or creative.

But what it is, is taking time with them

Activity No. 14 – Family Game Night

You can learn a lot about who your kids are just be playing games with them.

We love board games, card games, word games, guessing games, silly games, games, games, games!

I always learn something new about each of the boys (and about Mr. Right too) when we have family game night.

For instance: I learned my youngest son is a GAME SHARK. Knowing him in the every day, I never would have imagined it. Let me tell you, he can be cut throat when it comes to playing a game. I also learned he is a gracious winner and is getting better at being a gracious loser.

My oldest son is the LIFE OF THE PARTY. He’s pretty laid back when it comes to winning or losing. He becomes the jokester, funny punny man, and keeps us all in stitches the entire time. It’s not really about winning or losing for him; it’s more about whether or not everyone is having a good time. He’s good at keeping us all laughing.

My Mr. Right is A PERFECTIONIST…what? How can this be the same man who stacks things everywhere and can’t find the hamper to save his life? I promise, when it comes to game time, he likes things precise and his own little corner of the board nice and tidy. I like it!

Me? Oh, well, I’m pretty much the same whether it’s game time or not, I’m THE OBSERVER. I love watching all my guys. So much so that most of the time I forget to pay attention and am often called out because they’ve all been waiting on me to take my turn. Eh, what can I say? They are the loves of my life and very interesting.

So, you see even something as simple as game night can bring into focus a bunch of stuff you might not have known about your kids; isn’t that what its all about (oh wait, that’s the Hokey Pokey isn’t it? tee hee hee)

Til next time,

♥ Robyn

How do you spend time with your kids?

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2 thoughts on “☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 14

  1. You’re a great mum Robyn. Your posts show how close you are as a family. And how much fun you have together. I really enjoy reading them.

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