☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 11


Ever wondered what in the world to do with your tween or teen?

Yeah, me too!

The ages between 13 and 18 can sometimes be extremely difficult for us parents to figure out ways to connect and interact with our children.

Today’s activity proves there may still be hope.

Summer of Fun Activity No. 11 – Ice Sculpting

It’s not nearly as scary as it may first seem, I promise.

We didn’t get the chainsaws out or any craziness like that. Speaking of which, have you seen some of the things they can sculpt out of ice with a chainsaw? WOWO!

What we did was quite simple: freeze some water (clear and colored), pop it onto a tray, have a heat source and a carving tool, and see what we could do with it. *just a bit of a disclaimer here, using food coloring to color your water will make your hands turn colors when you’re playing with the ice*

Simple, right?

It was fun, creative, and really cool; especially cool when some of the water didn’t freeze all the way through and looked like glass!

Sometimes, SIMPLE is the best way to connect and interact with em! That’s the little ‘something’ I learned from this activity!

ice ice2 ice4 ice5 ice6 ice7 ice8 ice9 #SummerofFun15

There you have it! Even big kids like to play with ice and make a mess!!

Till next time,

♥ Robyn

How will you have simple fun today?

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