☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity No. 10


I’m not a firm believer in men’s work and women’s work. If men want to cook and clean (more power to them). If women want to work on cars (have a great time).

I don’t feel we should limit ourselves to what society deems appropriate when it comes to what men and women’s roles should be.

Now, I do believe that each gender has things they are just naturally better at. I think God made us that way for a reason.


I also believe we are meant to be amazing; after all we are created in God’s likeness. Learning something we may have never considered before broadens who are. It allows us to see things from a new perspective.

That’s why I am super excited about today’s activity

Summer of Fun – Activity No. 10 – A Sewing Project

Since books are such a HUGE part of our lives; we decided to make FABRIC BOOKMARKS!

How fun is that, right?!

The guys took right to it. I think it was the preciseness of it all (my lil math geeks)

Sewing is something everyone needs to learn how to do (just my opinion of course)

I figure, one day my boys are going to be out on their own and won’t always have good ol’ mom to fix things for them. (that’ll be sad )

What happens when their wee one comes to them (waaay down the road of course), crying because there’s a hole in blankie? (hold on a sec, I’m having a wonderful flashback) OK! Well, they’re going to need to know how to sew, that’s what.

Sewing teaches a person some very important attributes. (yep, here it comes… that lil ‘something’ again)

Sewing teaches:

  • Patience – it takes time to create something wonderful. There are many things that require us to go through a process before the wonderful can happen.
  • Acceptance – you might not get it right the first go; mistakes happen; sometimes you need to back-up and start again; hey it happens
  • Independence – sewing tends to be an individual activity. While you can be shown how to do it, eventually, it’s all up to you to accomplish it.

We had such a good time with this activity we wanted to share more of it with you.


I’ve created a wonderful, instructional infographic for you

Just click —-> Create a fabric bookmark (1)  to download and save it to your computer.

How fab is that, right?!

#SummerofFun15 Bookmark6 Bookmark7 Bookmark8 Bookmark10



I hope you’re having a wonderful time here, learning new things, and getting lots of ideas!

Till next time,

♥ Robyn

8 thoughts on “☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity No. 10

    1. I agree April! I don’t, as a parent, tend to freak out when my boys wanted or still want to do things that are considered ‘girly”. I remember when people freaked out when I bought a doll for my boys. My belief, let them learn how to be gentle, caring and learn how to be a great dad!! Thanks for stopping in!


  1. My son loves sewing projects, his latest make was a drawstring bag for Indie (our dog) to keep his sleepover bits in (for when he spends the night at mums) 🙂
    Who’d have thought a shih tzu needed a sleepover bag.


    1. That’s a wonderful project; perhaps out next one! I never would’ve imagined a
      shih-tzu needing an overnight bag, but hey, it works!! 🙂


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