☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 9


Creativity, that’s what finding things to do with your kids in the summer takes.

Creativity doesn’t always come from me.

I have some pretty creative family.

Their ideas for our list this year ROCKED 🙂

Point in case – today’s activity came from my oldest

Activity No. 9 – A Letter Hunt

The whole idea of the letter hunt is, um, well, the letter.

It’s fun to see how many different things you can find that begin (or end) with the letter of choice.

Pick any of the 26 Letters in the Alphabet:- We just happened to chose ‘B’

Grab some notepads and pencils: We each had a notepad, but if you have wee ones who aren’t yet writing, write for them or take photos of what they find.

Chose a location(s): We chose, RiverScape (a park near us, along the river) and an Antique store

Write down as many words as you can starting with your letter: We made this a bit of a competition. We set a time limit and at the end counted to see who had found the most things beginning with “B”.

Grab some notepads and pencils
Chose a location(s)
Write down as many words as you can starting with your letter

When we had finished, we read our lists out loud to one another.

It was amazing how many times one of us said, “How did I miss that?”

Just goes to show, everyone has a perspective that is not always the same as your own (there it is, that ‘something’ in every activity)

I do it every time, don’t I?

Till Next Time,

♥ Robyn

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