☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity No. 8

#SummerofFun I remember when I was a teenager.

Nope, I’m not even going to think about how LONG AGO that was.

Anyway, I wanted to stay up all night and sleep all day.

Well, my teenager is no different then I.

His greatest challenge, to see just how late he can stay up and how long he can sleep the next day.

No, he hasn’t actually said this is his challenge, but it appears to be the facts as I see them.

I’m sure you’re going to be completely surprised when I say (note the sarcasm)

Guess what crept into his idea list for summer of fun?

#SummerofFun2015Activity No. 8

 YEP! A stay awake challenge! ( I know, I know, you’re not surprised. I wasn’t either (or is it neither? Either way….😉

I have to give it to him though, he up’d the ante quite a bit.

It wasn’t JUST about staying awake, well I mean that was the end game; oh no, it was more than staying awake, so much more; he set some serious perimeters.

1) You had to stay awake

2) During a NATURE DOCUMENTARY (are you KIDDING me?)

3) The documentary would not start until 11 pm (folks I’m in bed by nearly 10 pm every single night. I tend to turn into a pumpkin after that…OK, a puddle of pumpkin, but you get what I’m saying)


4) If you fell asleep during the documentary, your new accessory for the next day (perhaps longer) would be a beautiful handle bar mustache drawn in permanent marker!

I am staying awake for this one!

If I have to dance, jiggle, jump, prance, jog, skip, hop, wiggle, bounce, flounce, or any other movement I can think of, I am NOT getting a mustache drawn on this upper lip ( I wax for that problem, thank you very much) LOL 🙂

There was some movement from the younger crowd too. At least I wasn’t the only one struggling to avoid the ol’ mustache!

The Outcome

Well, I’m happy to report, not only did we ALL stay awake, but we learned a thing or two about BEARS and CROCS (yep, we watched 2 nature documentaries.)

I only stayed awake for the first 15 minutes of CROCS, but hey, at that point I was no longer under permanent marker contract.

Over all, I’d have to say this was a fun challenge AND I got to act like a teenager for just moment in time!

Ah, sweet youth!!!

What do you do to stay young?


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