☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 7


Are you afraid of anything?

Does that fear keep you from doing things?

Is it something you can control?

Well, around here we have a few fears, but the one that I’m going to focus on belongs to my youngest.

He is afraid of the dark.

Some days  er, nights, he deals with it fairly well, other times, not so much.

Here comes the interesting part…..

There are a couple of things we use when we talk about fear:

  • Often times to conquer your fear, you have to do it afraid (thank you Joyce Meyer for that phrase)
  • God did not give us a spirit of fear (thank you God for giving us that one).

Summer of Fun Activity No. 7

Flashlight Tag

When we were, as a family, creating our summer of idea lists, I placed FLASHLIGHT tag on my list.

Why would I do that to my son? Well, because I firmly believe in the two things I talk to him about when he is afraid.

What better way to face a fear and do it afraid then when you won’t be alone and there is the potential for fun!

The night before we were to play, I sat down and talked with my son about what he thought about this activity.

He told me it made him nervous; he wanted to know how the game was going to be played; he asked if I would be there all the time.

After talking with him, assuring him, and giving him the run down of the gaming process I asked him if he was willing to try.

Reluctantly he said yes.

Time to Play

The next night it was time to play. Now, I don’t know how you play flashlight tag but we play with only one flashlight and sort of combine hide-n-seek with tag.

One person is IT (they get the flashlight)

As IT starts counting to 20 everyone else scatters and hides.

After counting to 20, IT starts looking for everyone, trying to get them out by tagging them with the light.

The idea is for the HIDERS to get to the Safe Base (predetermined before play begins) before they get found and/or tagged with the light.

First person tagged by the light is next to be IT

Repeat and have a great time!

#SummerofFun15 flashlighttag_3 - Copy flashlighttag1

I’m proud to tell you, not only did my son do it afraid, but did it very well and with a great passion and lots of delightful laughter!


He told me after the game that hiding was the scary part, especially the first time.

Being IT was the best because he had the light.

To which I replied…”honey, you have the light, He lives in you and his name is JESUS!”

#SummerofFun15 I think that made an impact.


Facing Fears

Sometimes the best way to face a fear is

straight on

with support

and in a fun way if possible

What are you afraid of?

2 thoughts on “☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 7

  1. Wow you are so creative with your summer fun ideas! And this is a great lesson for all of us – face your fears! Not always easy but usually quite satisfying when you do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I think it’s a lesson we can all take from. I know I have many things I don’t do because of fear, but I’m learning to do them afraid and not to do them alone if at all possible. This is another one of those simple solutions but certainly not easy to do.
      I’m so glad you stopped by Nicole!! Thanks for the support through commenting!!


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