☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 6


You probably aren’t going to believe this, but there’s some serious crazy going on here.

I have some serious readers on my hands. Crazy, right?!

Not only do they LOVE to read, they still love to be read to!


Yep, it’s true.

My boys will be 19 and 13 this year and they still enjoy and ask to be read to.

Interestingly, they are also reading to one another. YEP, it’s that crazy!

1books Activity 6 – Read Together

We love reading book series together: Sisters Grimm, Skulduggery, Little House, Artemis Foul, Lord of the Rings, and so many, many more!

Another interesting tidbit for ya, we still read picture books together.

STOP! You’re not serious?

Oh I’m quite serious.

#SummerofFun2015 Reading2 Reading3

As a matter of fact, we are on our second round of picture books.

Last year we read the School Library Journal’s top 100 picture books

This year we’ve started the Children’s Books Guide’s 100 Most Inspiring Children’s Books

OK, if you know anything about me, which you probably do, I mean I’m on here all the time writing about me and all my stuff 😉

Than you know I never JUST do something without there being something to it.

1apple  Teach Them

So what’s the something to reading picture books with my nearly grown children.

Why, I’m teaching them to be leaders of course!

One does not simply read picture books to nearly grown children without having them learn something from it! Ha Ha! I love those ‘one does not simply’ sayings so I had to have one of my own

Here’s how I’m teaching my kids to be leaders through reading picture books with them:

1) Each Person, In Turn, Reads One Book Aloud to the Family – as a family, we sit down together (doesn’t matter where). Then, in turn, each of us reads a book (we like to start at number 100 and work our way to number 1). Don’t forget to show everyone the illustrations!

2) The Person Who Reads Leads After the reader has read the book (and shown the pictures), they are in charge of leading a discussion about the book. We predetermined four questions the leader is responsible for asking each family member:

What did you like about the book?

What did you dislike about the book?

In what way(s) can you relate to the book?

Why do you believe this book made the top 100 list?

As the questions are asked, the reader reflectively listens and encourages others to interact with the person who is answering.

The first few times were a bit rough around the edges but once they got over being nervous, they have flourished in this portion of the reading.

What Are They Learning

♥ Family First

♥ Public Speaking

♥ Running a Discussion

♥ Effective Listening

♥ Effective Communication


♥ Reading Skills

♥ Improved Reading

♥ Leadership Skills

♥ Critical Thinking Skills

♥ A Passion for Reading

1hourglassIt Takes Time

As I’ve watched my boys grow into readers and now leaders, I’m struck with the thought of the many struggles they’ve faced.

My oldest, struggled with reading, well into his third grade year. He struggled to find anything he could or wanted to read . He hated the easy readers they were too baby-ish and phonics… whew forget about it! When he got it, he got it. His first official read… War and Peace!!

My youngest, had some minor speech issues and so was very self conscious about reading out loud. When he did read out loud it typically ended in a fit of tears. Now he reads fluently and with great enunciation!

1key The Key 

We never stopped reading. I read to them when they couldn’t read for themselves. I read to them when they struggled. I read to them when they didn’t even know what reading was. I read signs to them. I read labels to them. I read words to them. I read, not only books, but everything in site.

Even when a child thinks they cannot read, they can. I bet they can read the McDonald’s sign or how bout the Toys R Us sign. When they think they can’t, show them they can!


Whether you read to them or they read to you, just keep reading.

Even if you have a struggling reader or one who doesn’t really like to read. Find ways to read to them in any way you can!

I’m thankful for my readers, for them still wanting to be read to, and for them reading to each other.

I can’t imagine a life without books!

See ya next time,

♥ Robyn

What’s Your Favorite Book? GO!

4 thoughts on “☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 6

  1. Fabulous! Reading is fantastic and it’s great that you are encouraging your kids not only to read but to discuss and evaluate as well. These are wonderful and valuable skills. Happy reading!


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