☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 4


☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity No. 4

Attend a FREE Concert


Most FREE things are alright in my book.

I say most because I wouldn’t want a free pair of used

underwear or free gum that’s already been chewed


anything else kinda nasty like that

😦 EWWwww!!

Sooo, activity 4 was fun!

There’s a local park in our area that runs a series of 15 free concerts every summer.

The music ranges from big band sound to tribute bands to a cappella groups.

These free concerts are a great way to expose our kids to a variety of music styles; it’s also a great way for them to interact with a wide variety of age groups.

Most of the big band type concerts draw an older crowd and trust me, they LOVE younger peeps. They will go out of their way to talk with them, share with them, and simply delight in the fact that someone under the age of 50 showed up!

It is wonderful to watch my boys interacting with older folks. It shows me just how respectful my children actually are (well…when they want to be) 😉

The other music types draw a variety of ages, but we still get lots of interaction with a lot of different types of peeps.

The ability to teach our kids to socialize

with all ages and types of people is a terrific skill


One kid just listens; One just gets goofy; Mr. Right and I relax


So get out there and find those free concerts! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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