Summer of Fun 2015 – Activity 1


Hooray Summer!! *jumping up and down and clapping hands like a kid*

Sometimes I think summer is just as much fun for me as it is for my kiddos.

Warm days, flip flops, sunshine out the wazoo, flip flops, no school and lots and lots of fun and did I mention flip flops! 🙂

Well it’s finally time to get to it again this year!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!! (yep, I’m that excited)

Tweet: Summer of Fun 2015 with Just Bits and Pieces. Be sure to tune in to see what we're up to today Every year I create a summer fun list, we call it Summer of Fun 2015 (or 2014, or 2013, or whatever year it is) original right? 😉

Hang with me for this first post…it’s the “tell all” so will be a bit longer than the ones to come

It All Begins

It all started when my boys started getting older and I wanted to find ways to connect with them. It was so simple to connect with them when they were young, but wow did it get more difficult as they left the ‘little kid’ ages and started becoming tweens and teenagers.

Don’t you find it more difficult to enter into their worlds and spend time doing things they like?

Yeah, me too. I find it can be quite challenging to find really good quality ways to connect with them. 

I am lucky though, in that I get summers off, working in the public education system as I do (PERK!) which allows me time to try and figure it out.

But I only get to spend about 6 weeks in the summer with my boys, as I’m a part-time parent (BUMMER!) So, I do my best to make every moment count.

Just a side note- To all you full-time working parents who don’t work in the public education sector and who do not get summers off, I feel ya! I worked many summers and didn’t get to spend but only the evenings and weekends with my babies (MAKIN’ THE MOST OF IT!)

I decided I wanted to find some way to make our summers more than sitting around looking at some screen or the boys up in their room whilst I did my thing downstairs. (there are days we do that too, but its a scheduled thing and we all know its coming and how long it will be)

Thus, Summer of Fun was born in our house.

☼Summer of Fun 2015 ☼  Activity No. 1

Now, without further ado…. here is our first #SUMMEROFFUN2015 activity

#Summer of Fun 2015

Tweet: #SummerofFun2015 Activity 1 Hooray Summer Has Finally Arrived!! It’s always fun to take a walk down to the local convenient store for a tasty treat! No better way to start the summer off then with a treat we don’t normally get to have and a lovely evening walk and talk!! ( oh I do hope you live within walking distance of someplace you can do this)

If you have a savings card with your convenient store/gas station that offers points, this can be a FREE ACTIVITY!! If you don’t, it is minimal cost at best (2 drinks cost us $1.91). The walk allows me the opportunity to talk with my boys, REALLY talk, as I’m not distracted and only half listening because I’m focusing on traffic.

This one has also allowed my boys the opportunity to learn to work with money, as I had them pay for whatever they purchased (BONUS) shh…don’t tell them it was educational 😉

Well, we’re off and running! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the next activity and an explanation of how we chose our activities!! You’re not gonna wanna miss this, I promise! #SummerofFun2015

9 thoughts on “Summer of Fun 2015 – Activity 1

  1. My son goes away for most of the summer holidays, so it’s my time to keep busy. We’ll get a few days before he goes back to school and one of his favourite things to do is go out for a help yourself breakfast. He’s not a big eater, he just like being able to go and choose what he wants.

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    1. How old is your son, Wendy? I think getting to choose is a huge deal for most kids, especially when they are young! I know, even at 18 and 13, my boys still feel empowered when they get to choose for themselves!! Thanks for stopping in!


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