Dear Summer


Dear Summer,

I’m so glad you’ve decided to come. Oh, I know there’ll be ups and downs and occasionally you’ll need to throw something nasty around: thunderstorms, tornadoes, flooding, and droughts, but we’ll still love you without a doubt!

flipflops summersummersummersummersummersummer

Flip flops and sun, tank tops and fun! We’ll be wearing our sunblock and sportin’ a tan, going canoeing and kicking the can. Riding bikes, reading books, drive-in movies, and sweating, YIKES!


Oh how we love you; if only you’d stay, for all too soon you’ll fade away!

We won’t be sad; it’s not all bad. So for now, we’ll laugh and run, giggle and play, splish and splash, and live our dash. There’s so many things we’re going to do, I hope you know we’re thankful for you!

Happy you’re here,

                                 ♥ Robyn (#SummerofFun2015)


4 thoughts on “Dear Summer

  1. Awe, I liked that. There’s something very special about getting your flip flops out. It’s been a lovely day today and I’ve loved being able to get out in the sunshine.


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