Oh The things You Can Do ~ a 10 minute Celebration of Cellophane Tape Day

I’ve seen a lot different lists since I started blogging; heck I’ve created a few lists as a blogger.

As I’m sure you also know, I’m not a typical list maker. I’m not good at making to-do lists and I hate grocery lists, even though I make them out of necessity.

AS I was trolling around for a topic I happened upon one of my faves to write about….wacky holidays.

You’ll never guess what today is! Go ahead, make a guess! Noooo, you have to guess out loud!

YEP! It’s Cellophane Tape Day!!
cellophone tape day

WHAT!!!??? I love cellophane tape! It has saved my butt on more than one occasion for many different reasons!

I thought to myself, SELF, lets make a list of all sorts of things you can use cellophane tape for…better yet, lets make a video list!

I know, crazy right!?

Crazy, but Do-able!! So, here it is. About 10 minutes worth of some things you can do with cellophane tape!!


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