4 Simple Steps to Banish A Case of the What Ifs

I've done something really scary

Well, really scary to me.
I’ve applied for a new position in hopes of changing jobs.

Risk, that’s what it is, a risk.
Just that word can elicit little tummy rolls and a small increase in my heart rate.
I don’t know that I’m comfortable taking risks.
I like my world with its comfy little discomforts.


Brings to me a sense of second guessing myself and a fear of failure.

What if they actually interview me for this job? What if I actually get this job? What if I cannot do this job? If I can, what if I’m not any good at it? What if I can’t handle it? What if the new coworkers don’t like me? What if, what if, what if

worry, risk, new job

Do the what ifs ever attack you? Whew, good I was hoping I wasn’t alone here.

The what ifs drive me crazy sometimes. I would say, typically, I’m a fairly confident person…well as long as nothing big changes.

Throw a big change at me, something of a risk, and the what ifs just move right in and don’t leave until I get comfy again.

And yet…

Life without risk can be as stale as a loaf of bread left on the counter over night, open. Oh I hate when that happens or when you think the little twisty tie is on but it really isn’t…UGH! That’s a tale for another day though

There are times when I want to move forward but fear holds me back.

Well, not this time baby. This time I closed my eyes, took a nice deep breath, and jumped right in.


How did she do it, you may be asking yourself if you are anything like me.

It wasn’t easy but here are the steps I walked myself through to banish those dreadful what ifs

  1. Make a list of why’s – why did this new thing intrigue me; why did I think I wanted this new thing; why would I be good at this…etc
  2. Answer those what if questions what if I actually get this job (well, I would be using my degrees in a way I am not doing now); what if I can do the job but I’m not any good at it (I have great resources in those who are leading me, I can ask for help)…etc
  3. Look in the mirror – positive thoughts begin in my head, so do negative ones. Step in front of the mirror, begin… I am confident, capable, reliable, and more. I am loved, supported, cared for. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength…etc
  4. Talk to someone who loves you – there are a select few whom I trust to be honest with me.  I spoke with them about my strengths, my weaknesses, whether they believed this was the right move for me…etc

Taking a risk and stepping out of my comfort zone can be so nerve-racking

What do you do when you’re faced with taking a risk or not?

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